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Fragments of the old Shanghai story

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Crystal Jade Restaurant is famous restaurant chains brand in Singapore (and has won one Michelin star), which is located on the 8th floor Baiyi Store Nanjing East Road, and Nanjing Road is the birthplace of the “Ten Miles of Luxury “. The customers can overlook the beautiful night view of Shanghai from the landscape seats.

▼餐厅外观,exterior view


The Chinese restaurant always gives people a dignified color with traditional Chinese visual symbols. How to relate with the traditional impressions of Chinese restaurant and keep a distance, and bring us closer to fashion younger customer groups? We tried to organize and express a series of clues by changing the brand’s symbolic elements and image intentions, such as splitting the traditional rhombic screen with modern techniques, etc.

▼室内概览,interior view


The hall is filled with light and reflections due to the large number of chandeliers, mirrors and smooth surface in the space. The atmosphere is stylish, comfortable and relaxing, so it’s suitable for business dining during the daytime. In the evening, the restaurant becomes a very romantic place through adjustable light sources to adjust the different brightness.

▼用餐大堂,dining hall

▼靠窗散座区,seats area near windows

▼木格栅分隔用餐空间,dining hall separated by wooden grilles

▼木格栅细部,wooden grille details


There is an installation art painting in the hall, depicting the appearance of Shanghai city through wooden blocks, and the gradient coloured glaze pouring to form the streamline of Huangpu River. The combination of the two forms a strong visual impact and gives people a deep memory of the city.

▼艺术装置画,installation art painting

▼卡座区,sofa seats area


The design in the private room is expressed in a combination of modern and traditional way. Combine brass metal with walnut to highlight the low-key and calm feeling. The old-fashioned wooden lattices on the wall like fragments of the old Shanghai story, which are intriguing.

▼包厢,private room

▼包厢细部,胡桃木结合黄铜金属突出低调沉稳,private room details,combine brass metal with walnut to highlight the low-key and calm feeling


项目名称 / project name:翡翠酒家|Crystal Jade
建筑公司 / architect or company:上海研趣品牌设计有限公司|Young H Design
公司网站 / Website:
联系邮箱 / contact
项目设计 & 完成年份 / Design year & Completion Year:2017年10月
项目地址 / Project location:上海市南京东路800号 第一百货C馆8楼
建筑面积 / Gross Built Area:525平方米
摄影师 / Photo credits:Jeff
客户 / Clients:HMS

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