Dalsland cabin 2.0 by Jim Brunnestom,Magnus Hellum&Hampus Berndtson

Small and warm snow house

Project Specs


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参赛名为“Between sky and water”的设计项目赢得了达尔斯小木屋2.0建筑竞赛的大奖,该设计为达尔斯村庄的住宅提出了一种新的标准。这个构想基于传统的达尔斯小木屋,这些木屋在工业革命以前均作为当地人的普通住宅使用。新设计的小木屋受到材料色调的启发,提取了周围的老木屋的某些细节特点。

▼在北欧雪原中的小木屋,the cabin in the Nordic snowfield

The competition entry titled “Mellan Himmel och Vatten” (Between sky and water) won the architectural competition “Dalslandsstugan 2.0” (Dalsland cabin 2.0), proposing a new standard house for the Dalsland county, Sweden.The proposal is based on the traditional Dalsland cabin; a timber cabin being the common residential house in the area before the industrial revolution. The house finds inspiration in the material palette and certain details from the old cabins seen in the surrounding landscape.

▼具有传统风格的小屋的立面,front facade of a Dalles cabin based on traditional design

▼小木屋拥有较为自由的立面开窗,the cabinet openings in the facade more freely

▼小木屋由层压木材建造,cabin 2.0 is constructed in cross laminated timber


The Dalsland cabin 2.0 is constructed in cross laminated timber. The construction constitutes the interior walls and allow great spans, making it possible to create openings in the facade more freely, thus letting the building adjust to the specificity of the site.The house is insulated with wood fibers, and clad by a simple vertical wood facade, let to grey. Both the facade and the standing-seam metal roof relate to an agricultural tradition of simple construction methods.

▼大跨度结构的客厅区域,living area with great spans

▼整个房屋由两个承重实体结构支撑屋顶,the house is organised around two solid cores that carry the roof

▼拥有较大立面开窗的厨房空间,kitchen space with large façade windows

▼与天花板空间连成一体的过道,the corridor connecting with the ceiling


The house is organised around two solid cores that carry the roof. The cores contain the private functions of the buildings – hygiene and storing facilities. The house has low eaves, giving the building a small and welcoming size as you approach it. The interior opens up as the central room reaches all the way to the ridge of the ceiling. On the second floor there are rooms with skylights and views of the surroundings.

▼中央空间的侧面开窗直接与天花板相接,the interior opens up as the central room reaches all the way to the ridge of the ceiling

▼二楼设有带天窗的房间,rooms in the second floor with skylights and views of the surroundings

▼室内表皮细部,the detail of interior surface


The proposal is intended as an alternative to the Swedish catalogue homes market, that can offer architectural and aesthetic quality and still be affordable for a person on an average income.

▼建筑轴测图,the house axon

▼建筑一层平面,the 1st floor plan

▼建筑二层平面,the 2nd floor plan

▼建筑立面和剖面图,elevations and sections

▼建筑细部,the building detail

Architects: Jim Brunnestom, Magnus Hellum & Hampus Berndtson
Web: www.jimbrunnestom.com
Mail: contact@jimbrunnestom.com
Lead Architect: Jim Brunnestom Maa, Sar/Msa
Participating Architects:Architect Magnus Hellum,Architect Hampus Berndtson Maa, Msa
Built: 2018
Location: Bengtsfors, Sweden
Photographer: Hampus Berndtson / hampusberndtson.com
Program: Residential, single family house 168 m2
Constructor: Fridh & Hell Bygg AB
Client: Dalslands Massivhus AB

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