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Nothing can express the tension of infinite space better than pure white

Project Specs


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所有真挚的对于家人的爱,都是我们手中的织物,会构筑成一个矛盾的居壳 ,坚硬并且柔软 。

All sincere love for family is the fabric of our hands, which will form a contradictory shell, hard and soft.


同样,那些被我们所织造的居壳保护着的人儿,也在用自己的一个拥抱、一份早餐、一件干净的衬衫,又或者其他你可以感受到的每寸温暖编织着另一个壳儿,包容了你的软弱,孤独和梦想 。

The same people who are protected by the housings we have made are also woven with a clean shirt or other warmth that you can feel, containing your weakness, loneliness and dreams.

▼客厅,living room



简是一种生活方式,是生命中某个时间段、某种环境下的一种情绪、态度、思考的产物。客户需要的,和我们想要倡导的,而后通过设计表现出来的空间,是否能让他们感知到这种传达,这很重要 。

Simplicity is a way of life that is a product of emotion, attitude and thinking in a certain period of life. It’s very important for customers to know whether the space that customers need and the space they are showing through design will enable them to perceive this kind of communication.

▼交通空间,circulation area

▼楼梯细部,stair detail


▼室内装饰细部,interior furnishing detail

没有什么比白静更能表达无限空间的张力 ,它可以被看做一种空间的存在 。彩色的缺席让空间变得纯粹 ,光的融入反予了空间斑驳的灵魂 。

Nothing can express the tension of infinite space better than pure white. It can be regarded as the existence of a kind of space. The absence of color makes space pure, and the integration of light brings back the mottled soul of space.

▼壁炉区,fire place

▼休憩空间,resting space


▼彩色的缺席让空间变得纯粹,the absence of color makes space pure

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,first floor plan

▼三层平面图,second floor plan

参与设计:Zora 贾翔
Project: Create Housing
Location:Wolong Lake Town, Lishui, Nanjing
Architecture Design: AW DESIGN
Master case Designer:PENGWEN DING .
Assistant Designer:Zora . XIANG JIA .
Built Area: 400m2
Completion: 2018.03
Photographer: XIAOWEN JIN

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