Tropicalia, Pas-de-Calais, France by Coldefy & Associates (CAAU)

The world’s biggest tropical greenhouse under one roof

Project Specs


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3月22日星期四,Coldefy&Associate建筑事务所负责人Thomas Coldefy与第四区代表Daniel Fasquelle,Berk-sur Mer市市长Bruno Cousein以及该项目创始人Dr. Cédric Guérin一起为Tropicalia — “热带雨林”,这个世界上最大的玻璃穹顶热带温室揭幕。温室坐落于加莱海峡省的朗迪夫利耶,将会为参观者们提供即时的神奇体验与持续变换的风景。沉浸在独特的自然环境之中,一条超过1公里长的小径贯穿整个温室,串联起多种丰富的动物、树植与花卉种类。这一建筑壮举,秉持着尊重自然环境的姿态,为动植物提供了一个特殊的绿洲。

On Thursday 22 March, Thomas Coldefy along with Daniel Fasquelle – Deputy of the 4th district, Bruno Cousein – Mayor of Berck-sur Mer and vet Dr. Cédric Guérin – President and founder of the project, unveiled Tropicalia: the world’s biggest tropical greenhouse under one roof. Located in Rang-du-Fliers in Pas-de-Calais, Tropicalia will offer visitors immediate wonder and a total change of scenery. Offering immersion in a unique environment, it will have a footpath covering over 1 km passing through the environment of dozens of animal, tree and flower species. This architectural feat, respectful of the environment, offers an exceptional oasis for tropical flora and fauna.

▼项目俯瞰,overlook at the project

“热带雨林” 意在被设计成一个与环境完美融为一体的 ‘和谐天堂’。其原创的创新设计,即利用温室效应加热圆形“双穹顶”结构间的空气来产生热能,进而达成建筑能源的自给自足。设计摈弃了一般的轴承柱,而在建筑外围使用了绿墙,这加强了温室形如蚕茧中的氛围。温室通过一部分嵌入地面来降低它的高度和影响,与周边景色融为一体。从远处看,就像是地景中缓缓抬升的一座小山。

Tropicalia was designed by Coldefy & Associates as a ‘harmonious haven’ seamlessly integrated into the local environment, with an original innovation: the project is self-sufficient – producing energy through the use of a double dome creating a room in which the air heated through a greenhouse effect. The absence of bearing posts and the presence of a peripheral green wall enhance this cocoon-like atmosphere. The architecture blends in with the scenery: the building is set partially in the ground, thus partially lowering its height and impact. Tropicalia appears to rise like a small hill within the landscape.

▼仿真室内渲染,photorealistic interior renderings

该项目主要由私人赞助投资,将成为Côte d’Opale市带动经济和旅游业发展的一大驱动,同时也是一个探索发现和生活休憩的场所。该综合体围绕温室设有多项配套服务,包括餐厅,商店,酒店,同时设置了仅供专业科研人员研究的区域。这座热带雨林生态馆计划于2019年9月1日开始建设,并于2021年正式对公众开放。彼时,预计每年将有50万游客前来参观这个经Coldefy&Associate设计的独特综合体。

This is a project financed mainly by private investors. Tropicalia is part of the economic and touristic drive in the Côte d’Opale. A place for discovery and life, the complex offers a number of services around the greenhouse: restaurants, shops, guesthouses, as well as a scientific space exclusively for professionals. Construction on the Tropicalia site should begin in the 1st semester of 2019 for opening in 2021. Over time, it is expected that annually, 500,000 visitors will visit the unique complex designed by Coldefy & Associés.

▼项目将成为休闲娱乐的一大去处,带动经济和旅游业发展;the project is a place for relax and entertainment, driving local economic and touristic development

▼概念表现图,concept drawings

▼平面图,the plan

▼侧立面,the elevation

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