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任何对这套公寓的干预都不应该干扰现有的空间。比提议更有必要的是省略,比设计更有必要的是恢复和整合,比组合更有必要的是简化与沉淀,以严谨的精神回应每一个新的空间需求。这就是本项目设计的初衷。在建筑师巧妙地处理下,一套奢华的公寓被整合在原本设计为Hotêl Particulier酒店的建筑中。

Any kind of intervention in this space should not interfere with the existing one. More than proposing it was necessary to omit, more than designing it was necessary to recover and integrate, more than composing it was necessary to be simple and silent with rigour in response to new needs. The apartment is integrated in a building originally designed as a Hotêl Particulier.

▼客厅概览,overall of the living room © Ricardo Oliveira Alves

▼墙壁和天花板都装饰着丰富的壁画,almost all the walls and ceilings of these rooms were decorated with rich wall paintings © Ricardo Oliveira Alves

▼客厅细部,details of the living room © Ricardo Oliveira Alves

CR公寓位于建筑的二楼。原楼层有11间房间,其中一间作为浴室。作为社交楼层,这些房间几乎所有的墙壁和天花板都装饰着丰富的壁画。被改造为公寓后,这个楼层由原建筑独立出来为私人所有,当时的公寓主人Pedro Espirito Santo被誉为里斯本最好的派对和晚宴主办人,他的物尽其用,使这套带有11个房间的公寓发挥出最大价值。

The apartment occupies the 1st floor, originally the floor of the rooms – 11 rooms, one of them used as a bathroom. Being a social floor, almost all the walls and ceilings of these rooms were decorated with rich wall paintings. When transformed into an individual fraction of housing, the apartment was occupied by Pedro Espirito Santo known as the host of the best parties and dinners in Lisbon and the 11 rooms served this purpose perfectly.

▼餐厅,dining room © Ricardo Oliveira Alves

▼餐厅细部,details of the dining room © Ricardo Oliveira Alves


In 2019 the apartment acquired a new owner, with a clear family structure. The intervention program in the space was based on the maintenance, conservation and restoration of all the architectural heritage of the property, but adapting it to family needs – from 1 bathroom we now have 6 independent bathrooms. All the work was based on the premise that the interventions should be silent enough not to be noticed, or to dispute the attention for the pre- existing.

▼厨房,overall of the kitchen © Ricardo Oliveira Alves

▼现代化的厨房设备与历史建筑和谐相融,Modern kitchen fixtures blend harmoniously with the historic building © Ricardo Oliveira Alves

▼厨房中岛,American style kitchen island © Ricardo Oliveira Alves


If the recovery works were to be silent in the form and choice of materials, the interior design project chose a careful selection of timeless design pieces – as if from the height of 18th century art we could in the same space and suddenly travel to what is best produced in 21st century design.

▼卧室,bedroom © Ricardo Oliveira Alves

▼卧室细部,detail of the bed room © Ricardo Oliveira Alves


History is written today in a different language. With other objects, and arguments even if the principle remains present: a house to live and be lived in.

▼改造后的公寓共有六间各不相同的独立浴室,the apartment has six separate bathrooms after renovation © Ricardo Oliveira Alves

▼灯具与家具细部,details of the lighting and interior items © Ricardo Oliveira Alves

Project Name:CR apartment
Project location:Rua S.Mamede, Lisbon, Portugal
Gross built area:315.00 m2
Office of Architecture and Interior Design:ESQVTA
Principal Architect:Vitor Almeida
Photographer:Ricardo Oliveira Alves

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