Ramble – people · community · sustainability: Liu Yuelai, Associate Professor of CAUP, Tongji University

“When you create a landscaped with your own hands, you will draw the energy directly from your hands to your state of mind.”

Pavilion of Wind, China by CAUP

evoking feeling of being protecting from nature

Kite Pavilion, Shanghai, China by CAUP

Linear form providing the possibility for various behaviors

Floating Boxes – Architectural Graduation Project Exhibition of TJU in MAM by DCA + Department of TJU

Establish a closer connection with the real urban environment

Blossom, China by Tongji University + Pusan National University

Modern Installation reflecting dynamic life characteristics

Tongji university Excellent Graduation Design: Rethinking the Campus Complex, China by College of Architecture and Urban Planning Tongji University

A model for the future city

Q-Village Theatre, China by Tongji University

Make the countryside more interesting.

Ramble – China’s Architectural Education: Li Zhenyu, Dean of CAUP, Tongji University

Build Tongji as an AUL-port, creating a profound, open and diverse learning environment for students.

Cloud Village by Tongji University / Shanghai Digital Fabrication Engineering Technology Center

Philip F. YUAN announced his Robotic printing pavilion in La Biennale di Venezia 2018.

Digital Flower-Digital Garden

Understanding of the future garden.