HeyTown Art Centre, China by META-Project

A cultural regeneration engine beside the railway

House T in Qinhuangdao, China by META-Project

A thickened white T-shape cast-in-concrete wall sits on a dark layered schist rock plinth

Yan Jing Lane, China by META-PROJECT

Let young people with ideas live together

Arrow Factory Hutong Media & Culture Creative Space, China by META-Project

Future workshop under historical appearance

The suspended felt pavilion, China by META-Project

Soft labyrinth

Stage of Forest, China by META-Project

An enlightening medium between nature and people

Under 35 – Wang Shuo, META-PROJECT

No Life Experienced, No Soil for Creation. Chinese architects have a different mission.

New Youth Commune in Jilin, China by META-PROJECT

A prototype community for new youths with inter-spatial sharing based on equality and self-sufficiency.

Courtyard by the West Sea, China by META-Project

A reconstruction attempt between alley removal and protection

Ramble – Office in Hutong – META-Project