Caochang Hutong Installation, ‘I was here’, China by BIAD International Studio + Crossboundaries

“Real existence”

Jiangsu Shuoji Kindergarten, China by Crossboundaries

It takes a kindergarten to wake up a community

Campus Landscape Renovation of the Affiliated High School of Peking University and Chaoyang Future School, China by Crossboundaries

Retelling campus stories

“Second Home” for The Left-behind Children – Jiangsu Beisha kindergarten, China by Crossboundaries

Mini village forms a secret paradise 

ETU School, Beijing, China by Crossboundaries

Shaping Peninsulas for Children

THE KNOWN in Shenzhen, China by Crossboundaries

A prefab installation made of concrete, mirror and steel to derivate an UNKNOWN CITY

CHINA HOUSE VISION No. 8 Pavilion by Crossboundaries

Infinite Living

Open Ceremony of CHINA HOUSE VISION and Exhibition Guide

(Only in Chinese) Ten pavilions showing the unlimited possibilities of future house.

Renovation of the Affliated Highshool of Peking University by Crossboundaries

Providing for an individual in a collective state.

Qimoo Children’s Apparel, Xian by Crossboundaries

The vivid seed is not just an attraction; it unifies the functions of display, fitting and storage.