Jiangnan House Changyuan in Suzhou by Atelier Deshaus

Heritage protection and active utilization of existing gardens

The Big Barn (Town Center of Yu Niao Liu Su) by Atelier Deshaus


Taoyiqiu Memorial by Atelier Deshaus

A place that allows viewers to gaze into their own hearts

Photography: Atelier Deshaus’ work “Big Barn” during a rainy day by Jianbo Ke

Not rejecting bad weather

The Upper-Cloister in Aranya, Golden Mountain (Jinshanling) by Atelier Deshaus

A quiet place in the world where you can find your ego

Qintai Art Museum, Wuhan, China by Atelier Deshaus

Undulating roof creating unique exhibition spaces

The Huafa Road South Campus of Shanghai XuHui High School, China by Atelier Deshaus

In an atmospheric connection with the old campus

Liu Yichun: Building for a Humanistic City

(Only in Chinese) An essay on architectural practice for humanistic city, based on Atelier Deshaus’ theory of “yin, jie, ti, yi”

Yunyang Riverfront Visitor Center in Chongqing, China by Atelier Deshaus

The architecture stresses its expression as an artifact and brings up subtle tension with the river and the city

Riverside Passage: Yang Pu Riverfront Urban Space Renovation, China by Atelier Deshaus

A garden of ruins. A garden more than a garden.