Liu Yichun: Building for a Humanistic City

(Only in Chinese) An essay on architectural practice for humanistic city, based on Atelier Deshaus’ theory of “yin, jie, ti, yi”

Yunyang Riverfront Visitor Center in Chongqing, China by Atelier Deshaus

The architecture stresses its expression as an artifact and brings up subtle tension with the river and the city

Riverside Passage: Yang Pu Riverfront Urban Space Renovation, China by Atelier Deshaus

A garden of ruins. A garden more than a garden.

Unbuilt NO.1 – Atelier Deshaus

You will never know whether the project will be built or not during design. Every design is a conditional challenge.

Liu Yichun gave a speech on the Contemporary Architecture Theoretical Construction and Innovative Practice Forum

Start design from thought to make true creation and progress.

gooood Idea NO.48

(only in Chinese) Records for Long Museum West Bund after it opened for 5 years.

House ATO – House Vision 2018 Beijing Exhibition No. 2 Pavilion by Atelier Deshaus

Find the new identity for home in a rapidly changing era.

Negative Sound Library by Atelier Deshaus

Hear the whole world in a tiny space.

Taizhou Contemporary Art Museum by Atelier Deshaus

Art museum in time and as object

Modern Art Museum and its ancillary facilities by Atelier Deshaus + Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd.

Rebirth from Relics