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Infinite Enframed Scenery

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Because of buildings, people have their residences. Similarly, people can see the world on ground of opening the doors and windows. CIVRO flagship store, situated in the old factory building in Yuejie, an area in Shanghai, in which CROX is invited to create the concept space of infinite enframed scenery.

▼建筑入口立面外观,exterior view of the entrance facade


Regarding the display function which has been placed in old building space, architects would like to enhance the charming features of original space with the least design involvement in terms of their initial settings. Namely, the simplest lines are used to describe the meaning of life in an abstract manner, which makes an analogy with footprints on the path of life and runs through different spaces, stretching out the infinite enframed scenery. In CIVRO flagship store, “line” shuttles back and forth in it without boundary, and spreads numerous forms of space composition, and thus forms a free and open pattern. Combined with different applicable situations, it has shaped a space with flexible property.

▼建筑外观,exterior view

▼建筑外观,CIVRO旗舰店是在绿地上的一栋红砖仓库,exterior view, CIVRO flagship store is a red brick warehouse on the green grassland

▼建筑局部及其侧面的草坪,白色框条限定出不同的休息区域,part of the store and its side grassland, the white frame forms different rest areas

▼建筑局部及其户外步道,part of the store and its outdoor trails


CIVRO flagship store is a red brick warehouse on the green grassland, with a flexible white frame that outlines elegance and individuality. The three-dimensional walking lines form different rest areas in the courtyard and also constitute the entrance structure of the main building. These lines have extra entry into different sizes of space in the interior. The Building, interior and landscape are thus integrated into a complete spatial sequence. The way of this transformation not only forms a symbol of innovation and redefines the Shanghai old building recycling logic, but also adopts CIVRO aluminum frame products as the main building materials in the functional and aesthetic views. In addition, the structure itself constitutes the space and satisfies the needs of display as well.

▼建筑入口,游走的线条组成了建筑的入口结构体,the entrance, the three-dimensional walking lines constitute building’s entrance


▼入口前台,白色铝框架构的接待区成为视觉的交点,the reception area defined by a white aluminum-framed box, forming a visual intersection

▼东侧主要产品展厅,白色框架组建成不同的墙体,形成大小不同的展间,the main product exhibition hall on the east side, the white frame forms different walls, resulting in various sizes of exhibition rooms

Enter the interior hall by following the lines, and the white aluminum frame creates the reception area. For example, a white box is cut into two different spaces in the interior so as to form a visual intersection. The east side of the building is the main product exhibition hall. The white frame forms different walls, resulting in various sizes of exhibition rooms. The west is the conference hall whose framed ceiling is changed depending on the use functions such as assembly, exhibition and press meeting, showing a white tone as a whole. With the light and shadow diffusing mysterious broad frame sense, the interaction of hall is derived from the original columns and the walls. Breaking away from the conventional exhibition hall mode, it arouses the interactive emotion of the entire human and space.

▼从入口前台看西侧的会议交谊厅,the conference hall on the west side viewing from the reception area

▼西侧的沙龙区兼休闲区过道,框架式的天花可随功能需要而改变,the salon and corridor area on the west side, its framed ceiling is changed depending on the use functions

▼西侧休闲区,配有展墙,the lounge area on the west side with the exhibition wall

▼休闲区吧台细节,bar details in the lounge area


A picture is a landscape. In life, we walk around and gaze attentively at the scenes with our eyes. Likewise, doors and windows are the eyes of buildings for communication, and thus CROX creates an unique scenery with infinite framework.

▼轴测爆炸图与室内局部透视,exploded axon and detailed interior views

▼平面布置图,layout plan


项目名称:无限框景 – CIVRO旗舰店
型材:希洛 CIVRO

Project name: Infinite Enframed Scenery – CIVRO flagship store
Design Company: CROX
Design team: C.R.Lin, Bentao Li, Ying Zhou,Peigeng Huang
Location: No. 140 Tian Lin road, Xuhui district, shanghai, China
Completion: 2018.12
Construction Material: stone, aluminium square tube
Architecture area: 423 square meters
Landscape area: 427 square meters
Section bar: CIVRO system
Client: CIVRO
Photographer: Chishou WANG (BLAKE), Gang JIN
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