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Chikalicious的这家甜品店的概念完整描述是,Site in the apartment;延续了纽约店铺的温馨舒适感。将公寓概念运用到不同的空间规划中去,我们依靠整个apartment概念把空间相连,就像在设计自己的公寓一样每个“房间”有不一样的功能和造型,但是又必须是一体的,空间概念必须是完整的;

“Site in the apartment” is the narrative journey for this project, the cozy, comfort, elegant impression is an extension from the original New York store. Just like designing our own apartment, with unique function and form, the overall interior design language are under the one theme.


▼室内空间概览,interior view

▼吧台,bar counter

我们用抽象的雕塑表达想法,比如说我们做library空间,我们思考如何表达出体积感(有厚度),参考Rachel Whiteread的雕塑作品,突破传统造型,增加了空间的趣味性。用书的负形表达书的功能符号;我们同时在空间中用了“窗帘”的元素符号去丰富空间的语言, 把窗帘的现实造型映射在雕塑上,增加趣味性,将褶皱抽象化成不同弧长的凹形雕塑。天花和墙面都用了这一手法。

We express our concept by using abstract sculpture, for example, when we were designing the library, we referred to sculpture craftsman-made by Rachel Whiteread, breaking through traditional design of credenzas. In the meantime, we utilized curtain element to convey space, the realistic shape of curtain mapped on the sculpture, applied in ceilings and elevations.


▼用书的负形表达功能符号,express functional symbol of books by using negative shape

▼将窗帘的现实造型映射在墙壁,把褶皱抽象化成不同弧长的凹形雕塑,the shape of curtains are modeled on walls, and the folds are abstracted into concave sculptures with different arc lengths


The material selection and color matching are subtle, without intense contrast, we won’t enhance the visual connection among these elements meanwhile remaining layering between each other. For instance, design of walls, ceilings and shapes remain in precise logic but are imperceptible, elegant and aesthetic. The slash sculpt made by sandstone is applied to everywhere in the “apartment”, which is a second layering for the general space.

▼空间的选材和配色都是偏向“subtle”,但仍然保留材料之间的层次感,The material selection and color matching are subtle, but remaining layering between each other


项目名称: Chikalicious Taikoo
面积: 175㎡

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