The Grand Theatre and Concert Hall of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, China by gad + GLA

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The public stadium complexes of the Zhejiang Conservatory of Music are located at Wangjiangshan Road, Zhuantang in Hangzhou, which consist of two architectural complexes, namely, the Grand Theatre and the Concert Hall. The special formal language and the functional orientation of close relation with the outside world make it naturally serve as the east entrance of the campus that is of great importance.

▼从校园鸟瞰公共广场群,aerial view of the complexes from the conservatory building ©姚力


The Zhejiang Conservatory of Music public stadium complexes should put a complex functional group including a small 1,200-seat theater, an 800-seat concert hall, a 300-seat practice hall, a 400-seat imax theater and multiple small and medium-sized cinemas, as well as more medium-sized performance halls and rehearsal halls of different scales in the modest land area. In the face of limited land use, the design language of downward landfill or horizontal dispersion cannot meet all the functional requirements at the same time. After comparing various strategies, the designer finally chooses the grouping and vertical stacking approaches to organize these different functions, and set aside ample front-end flow distribution space for the east entrance of the campus.

▼建筑正立面暨校园入口,the main facade and entrance of the campus ©姚力

▼从大剧院前场看音乐厅,the Concert Hall seen from the front court of the Grand Theatre ©姚力

▼从音乐厅前场看大剧院,the Grand Theatre seen from the Concert Hall ©姚力

▼从音乐厅西北角看大剧院,the Grand Theatre seen from the northwest corner of the Concert Hall ©姚力

▼从大剧院北侧看校园入口,an overlook of the campus entrance from the north of the Grand Theatre ©姚力

▼从建筑群下方看校园全貌,campus overview at the foot of the complex ©姚力

▼从音乐厅台基望向校园与群山,the campus and mountain view from the base of the Concert Hall ©姚力


In order to conceal the volume of the building, the architect divided the building into three sections visually: the stylobate growing from the ground, the open public space in the middle, and the continuous floating movement in the upper section.

▼从音乐厅屋顶看大剧院, the Grand Theatre seen from the roof terrace of the Concert Hall ©姚力

▼从音乐厅屋顶看校园全貌,aerial view from the roof terrace of the Concert Hall ©姚力


The volcanic-enclosed stylobate accommodates a variety of equipment and ancillary functional spaces that are merged with the front-end ground through large steps.The open space in the middle section consists of the front hall and the traffic space. The surface covered by glass curtain wall and longitudinal louvers also conforms to its commonality characteristics and opens to the outside from the horizon.The upper space accommodates a variety of performing functional spaces and office venues. The composite flowing surface consisting of 30 white louvers and backing perforated panels unifies these spaces in a single “floating movement”.

▼横向和纵向的百叶对比,the contrast between the vertical and horizontal louvers of the facade ©姚力

▼大剧院与北侧教学楼的体量关系,the relationship between the volumes of the Grand Theatre and the north school building ©姚力

▼音乐厅西侧,west facade of the Concert Hall ©姚力

▼支撑i-max影厅的斜柱,the supporting column of the i-max movie hall ©姚力

▼从音乐厅的室内楼梯看大剧院,the Grand Theatre seen from the interior of the Concert Hall ©姚力


The interior treatment continues the integrity of the exterior of the building. The space has become the core of the interior creation. The surface of the built-in box is designed to be consistent with the dramatic space of the showcase atmosphere of an art academy by the application comparison of concrete, grc, steel, wood and other materials.

▼大剧院公共门厅,the public hall of the Grand Theatre ©陈兵

▼交通空间,circulation ©陈兵

▼音乐厅公共区,public area of the Concert Hall ©陈乙

▼音乐厅的望山阶梯,the grand stair of the Concert Hall ©姚力

▼音乐厅的山景大厅,the Concert Hall with a mountain view ©姚力

▼公共空间细部, interior detailed view of the public area ©陈乙

▼楼梯细部,stair detailed view ©陈乙

▼音乐厅室内,internal space of the Concert Hall ©陈乙

▼大剧院观众厅,auditorium of the Concert Hall ©陈兵


The final limited cost forced the architect to agree to cancel a part of the perforated aluminum plate that was originally planned to cover all the roofs, and the unfinished state revealed from the aerial photography also tells a true story about the multi-player game in the construction process.

▼大剧院一层平面图,ground floor plan of the Grand Theatre

▼大剧院剖面图,section the Grand Theatre

▼音乐厅一层平面图,ground floor plan of the Concert Hall

▼音乐厅剖面图A,section A of the Concert Hall

▼音乐厅剖面图B,section B of the Concert Hall

项目名称: 浙江音乐学院大剧院及音乐厅
建筑事务所: gad+GLA
项目负责:王宇虹 张微 朱培栋 宋萍
方案主创:朱培栋 吴海文 李彬淼
项目详细地址: 浙江省杭州市转塘浙音路与美院北路交叉口
建筑面积(平方米): 地上26400,地下15000
摄影师: 姚力、陈兵、陈乙
幕墙设计:上海伊杜幕墙建设咨询有限公司,杭州facade studio
材料: 钢 玻璃 铝合金 混凝土 火山石
Project name: The Grand Theatre and Concert Hall of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music
Architect’ Firm: gad+GLA
Contact e-mail:;
Project Director:Yuhong Wang,Wei Zhang,Peidong Zhu,Ping Song
Lead Architects: Peidong Zhu,Haiwen Wu,Binmiao Li
Design Team:Mingyi Qian,Yongjun Ding,Guangyong Ren,Daliang Cui,Jian Zhou,Boqing Lu,Wenjian Wu,Huiting Lu,Haiwen Wu,Binmiao Li,Xuefeng Wu,Zuhang Zhuo,Guocai Yao,Yaxuan Zhao,Su Wang
Project location: Intersection of Zheyin Road and Meiyuan North Road, Zhuantang, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province,CHINA
Completion Year:2015
Gross Built Area (square meters): 26400 on the ground, 15000 underground
Photo credits: Li Yao,Bing Chen,Yi Chen
Curtain wall design: Shanghai Eduth Facade Consultants, Hangzhou Facade Studio
Interior design: Hangzhou Dianshang Design (the Grand Theatre), Interior Building Office (the Concert Hall)
Acoustic consultant: Zhang Sanming
Landscape design: Shanghai TJ-Landscape Design Co., Ltd.
Technological design of stage: Hangzhou Meridian Stage Design Co., Ltd.
Materials: Steel, glass, Aluminum-alloy, concrete, volcanic stone

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