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On the way of Tianmushan road in Hangzhou, there exsits a quiet and simple alley with an ordinary but unforgettable name of “ Yaobei Alley ”, which contains a chic hotel. The hotel was formerly a general express hotel with a 13-square-meter lobby and 44 rooms. However, it has less room for development in present fiercely competitive hotel industry, which causes the necessity of this change.

▼酒店外观,Hotel Exterior


When the designer began to accept the commission of Party A, the original 44-room was decreased to 37-room through communication and finalization. What’s more, according to the clever design and spatial planning, the designer removed the original darkroom, and made the first floor to be a part of the lobby. The entire facade was designed with continuous arches and French doors to combine the outdoor event space and the indoor leisure space, making people be surrounded by the fun of nature and feel like the happiness and enthusiasm of a girl.


▼休息区细部,Rest zone details


In terms of color, the designer is even more unique. Using the combination of chrysoidine and lemon yellow, which made the color saturation cleverly used. On the beige base, with the interlaced embellishment of soft ivory white and jumping colors, it looks like the notes, smart and beautiful.

▼巧妙运用了色彩的饱和度,在米白色的基底下,色彩如同跳跃的音符,On the beige base, with the interlaced embellishment of soft ivory white and jumping colors



Fully tapping and efficiently using each space, making several different regions echo and connect with each other. The originally cramped space was suddenly spacious and then became a place containing negotiation, rest, dining and coffer.

▼用餐区,Dining area

▼阅读休闲区,Leisure reading area


The aisles still continue the arched elements of the lobby, which made the whole coherent. In the aisles, designer reduced brightness and chose the wavy carpet and brassy paint to create a deep mystery. You will feel spacious from the aisles to any space, just like the time tunnel, takes people to beautiful destination.



The rooms are in sharp contrast with pure white and black and white sofa and dark green suede curtain, which creates the neatness of small space. The grayscale green met the strong wine red, making the indoor space active and vibrant in the sunshine, which shows the attractive space vividly.





The design of semi-open bathroom enlarges the indoor space visually. And the use of Tiffany blue increased understatement and elegance, making it pure but connotative.

▼半开放式卫浴,Semi-open bathroom



The natural wood decoration plus the geometric pattern space, different style brings different visual experience. Or elegant and understated, or pure and simple, let life return to nature and briefness.


One city, one stop,
one book, one coffee,
and one beautiful encounter.

▼一层平面图,First floor plan

▼客房层平面图,Standard floor plan

项目名称 / project name:隐隅酒店 / CHIC HOTEL
建筑公司 / architect or company:杭州吉午合建筑景观设计有限公司
联系邮箱 / contact
项目设计 & 完成年份 / Design year & Completion Year:2018.02
主创及设计团队 / Leader designer & Team:主创:柯甫欢 设计团队:冯霁、黎依婷、章文豪
项目地址 / Project location:中国杭州
建筑面积 / Gross Built Area (square meters):1100平方米
摄影师 / Photo credits:王大丑
材料 / Products:涂料、木饰面、金属漆、烤漆玻璃

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