Cheetah Plains game lodge by ARRCC

Creating something beautiful in the unexpected creative contrast of seemingly opposing forces

Project Specs


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Cheetah Plains别墅位于南非Kruger国家公园内的Sabi Sand动物保护区。ARRCC事务所对传统的野地风格建筑进行了改造,从建筑的内部创造出与自然环境相融的全新旅行体验。设计将先进的可持续建筑与首创的非洲极简主义美学进行了结合,使具有现代感的无机形式与天然景观形成对比,在看似对立的事物中创造出令人意想不到的特殊美感。

The new Cheetah Plains game lodge in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, designed by ARRCC, reinvents traditional safari-style architecture to create an altogether new safari experience of nature from within. Combining state-of-the-art sustainable architecture with a pioneering afro-minimalist aesthetic, Cheetah Plains contrasts confident contemporary inorganic forms with the natural landscape, creating something beautiful in the unexpected creative contrast of seemingly opposing forces.

▼项目概览,project overview


▼场地平面图,site plan

The lodge accommodation at Cheetah Plains is split into three separate, private components referred to as the Plains Houses. These, in turn, are made up of clusters of free-standing buildings rather than the typical lodge typology of a central communal space surrounded by bedroom suites.

▼三座平原住宅之一,of of the three Plains Houses

▼庭院视角,view from the courtyard


Each Plains House has a private arrival courtyard with covered canopy, an expansive open-plan lounge, dining and bar space with adjoining air-conditioned wine room and a private family/media room. These communal living spaces are each surrounded by four standalone bedroom suites, almost large enough to be considered a mini-lodges in their own right. The bedrooms suites themselves each have a generous open-plan lounge and bedroom space, plus guest toilet, and a walk-in dressing room. The bathrooms open directly to the outdoors, offering an exhilarating open-air bathing experience.

▼入口檐下空间,the covered canopy of the entrance

▼客厅,living room


▼从餐厅望向客厅,view to the living room from the dining area

▼餐厅,dining area

▼从餐厨空间望向泳池露台,view to the pool area from the dining/kitchen area

▼深入自然环境的户外露台,the outdoor terrace extending into the nature


The outdoor features woven into the spaces around each Plains House include a boma area, an expansive terrace, and a heated pool. Sculptural raw rusted steel pool pavilions, inspired by the canopy of the local Tamboti tree, filter dappled light through their cantilevered branches.

▼凉亭和篝火花园,the pavilion and boma area


The open, seamless boundaries between interior and exterior have the effect of immersing guests in their environment rather than placing them on a platform, reduced to mere spectatorship. This architectural response facilitates a much more profound and layered interaction with the environment than traditional lodge design.

▼无缝衔接的室内外空间,the open, seamless boundaries between interior and exterior


▼室内细部,interior detailed view


While off-shutter concrete provides straight lines, the creative use of raw materials grounds the design in the landscape and allows the purity of the architectural forms to flow seamlessly from outside to inside. Feature walls built with hand packed-raw Mica, naturally rusting Corten steel and timber elements introduce warmth and earthy, raw textures. The honest expression of these materials, selected to age and weather naturally over time, lends the design integrity and a sense of natural transformation and growth.


▼自然生锈的考顿钢和木质结构带来温暖而朴实的观感,naturally rusting Corten steel and timber elements introduce warmth and earthy, raw textures

▼别墅夜景,exterior view by night

▼MAPOGO住宅平面图,plan MAPOGO

▼KARULA住宅平面图,plan KARULA

▼MVULA住宅平面图,plan MVULA

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