ROARINGWILD Studio,China by weiweimao

Streamlined working space

Project Specs


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▼工作室室内概览,interior view of the studio

ROARINGWILD is a local clothing brand in Shenzhen,And has become the representative brand of China. ROARINGWILD has always wanted to convey an urban street culture through clothing,And creating a Life Style and attitude for everyone.So far they have opened two brand flagship stores in Shenzhen.One in Uniwalk in Baoan,and the other in upperhill city in futian.And they want to move their studio to upperhill city, a better environment place.This project is located in upperhill city, in shenzhen, futian.

▼轴测图,axon drawing


The entrance passage is designed as an oblique side,single curved wall. The inclined wall can increase the enclosure of the entrance itself, at the same time, it can also seperate the 2 space into 2 part in order to ensure internal privacy.

▼入口流线型通道,streamlined channel of the entrance

▼入口与前台,entrance and the reception desk


When enter, I want to first connect all the functions of different workspaces through a curve path.This path not only performance as the colors from the ground, but also makes a ceiling at the top of the path.The ceiling material is black mirror stainless steel,so that it can reflect human behavior on the path.

▼通道和开放式办公区,corridor and the open office area

▼开放式办公室,open office


▼工位, work area


An open display area was set up on the path, with a row of long hangers as the display surface.And the channel is designed wide enough for come here for manufacturers and factories to come here for discussion and purchase, at the same time the long hangers can also add some diversity to the path. Most of the space are open office ,Only a few of these spaces are enclosed:sample room, reception, bg’s office, audio room, store. There is a need for a photostudio in the function, so that the photostudio can be separated by a wall from the entrance. Set up an open kitchen and lounge area, and add the receptive cabinets up and down.



▼影棚和灯光细部,photostudio and the lighting

▼平面图,floor plan

施工方:D.A Studio
材料:拉丝不锈钢, 镜面不锈钢,亚克力, 水磨石,超白玻璃
建筑面积:750 ㎡
设计周期:2018 / 08 – 2018 / 10
建造周期:2018 / 10 – 2018 / 12
摄影师 :刘宇恒,毛伟伟

Location: UpperHills, Fujian, Shenzhen, China
Lead Architects: weiweimao
Client: Roaringwild Company
Contractor: D.A Studio
Material: stainless Steel, mirror stainless steel, arylic, terrazzo, ultra clear glass
Area: 750 ㎡
Design Period: 2018 / 08 – 2018 / 10
Construction Period: 2018 / 10 – 2018 / 12
Photographs: Yuheng Liu, weiweimao
Video: weiweimao

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