Cartoonist – The First Cartoon Theme Experience Store in Hangzhou, China by Hello Design Studio

Netease Comic and berryshow jointed to create a special two-dimension cabin.

Project Specs


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The cross-border combination of online comics and offline physical stores gives rise to a special two-dimension cabin — cartoonist

▼室内空间一览,overall view of the interior


Since the cartoon is the theme, how to get less characteristics of the secondary culture, in three-dimensional space, break the secondary wall, shape the secondary cultural attributes, that is, the design focus of this time. The tree hole design of the entrance is just like the space-time door linking the third dimension and the second dimension, which makes people fall into the second dimension from the beginning of entering the store

▼入口树洞,tree hole design of the entrance

店内从墙壁墙纸图案设计,到软装沙发搭配,再到饰品摆件,犹如漫画书里任意的一角: 网格点、黑白线条、二次元人物等等的元素,无一例外,时刻充满着漫画手绘既视感,身在其中,仿佛走进黑白漫画格之中。下一秒,就成为漫画里的主人公,中二魂瞬间觉醒!

Store from wall wallpaper pattern design, to the soft outfit sofa collocation, to act the role ofing is tasted furnishing articles, like comic books in the corner of arbitrary: grid points Black and white lines Secondary yuan character and so on elements, without exception, moment full of hand-drawn cartoons visual sense, both in among them, as if into the black and white comic book case The next second, became a hero in the cartoon, in the second moment wake up my soul.

▼充满漫画元素的空间,a space full of Cartoon elements

▼漫画家客厅,Cartoonist lounge

▼漫画家餐厅,黑白线条的家具和墙纸让人感觉仿佛进入了漫画世界,dining space, furniture and wallpaper with black and white lines create a hand-drawn cartoons visual sense

▼漫画家工作台,Cartoonist working table


In this two-dimension cabin, order a cup of wild berry fruit drink, hold a serial cartoon of blackberry beast, dream once cartoon protagonist, isolate the complexity and trifling of three dimensions, no matter how much sadness, all forget, enjoy the freedom of this moment.



▼室内立面图,interior elevations

▼门头立面布置图,lay-out of the shop front

项目名称:漫画家  网易漫画x莓兽

Project Name: Cartoonist Netease Comic and berryshow
Design : Hello Design Studio
Art Director : No.9
Management : liu jie、liu yongli、wang zhe
Interior design : yoyo
Construction : No.9
Photos : Chen bin
Project schedule : 2018.8
Address : Hangzhou
main material : Custom wallpaper density board carving PVC carving
E-mail :

More: Hello Design Studio on gooood

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