The new Vendsyssel Theatre by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

The theatre appears as a composition of cubic blocks, emphasis on the interaction between artists and spectators (images updated)

Project Specs


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A successful premiere marked the beginning of a sold out season at Denmark’s first newly built theatre in over a century outside of the Danish capital Copenhagen. With its central location in the heart of Hjørring, the theatre will become a dynamo for the entire region’s cultural life.

▼ Vendsyssel剧院由一组连续的方盒子组成,the Vendsyssel theatre appears as a composition of cubic blocks

001-The new Vendsyssel Theatre


The 4,200 sqm theatre and culture building is designed as a dynamic and multifunctional complex that includes a Music hall, Black Box, Rehearsal hall and a 430 seat flexible hall which includes an”in-the-round” theatre. In addition, the building houses offices and spacious lobby area with café and backstage area with workshop and dressing rooms.

002-The new Vendsyssel Theatre

001-The new Vendsyssel Theatre Theatre


The building appears as a composition of cubic blocks. The warm rusty red corten steel facades correspond with its surroundings during the day, whilst the LED backed frosted glass facades illuminate in various colors during the evening; thus, creating an aesthetic link between the town, the front plaza and the theatre building.

▼ 建筑外立面采用带有锈迹的红色钢板,呈现出温润的色彩,在白天与周围环境相得益彰,the warm rusty red corten steel facades correspond with its surroundings during the day

003-The new Vendsyssel TheatreVendsyssel_Theatre_SHL_008

002-The new Vendsyssel TheatreVendsyssel_Theatre_SHL_005     003-The new Vendsyssel TheatreVendsyssel_Theatre_SHL_006

“我们的目标是让建筑在城市景观中突显,成为一个新的有机体,它作为小镇文化的象征矗立在这里,有着敢于超越小镇现状环境,做到与众不同的勇气。”———John Foldbjerg Lassen,创始人合伙人

“It is our ambition that the building will manifest itself as a new living organism in the cityscape. It is a building which stands by its cultural significance and which dares to be different without taking focus away from the town’s existing qualities.” ———— Founding partner John Foldbjerg Lassen

▼ 夜晚,LED磨砂玻璃幕墙变幻出不同的色彩,将整个建筑照亮,the LED backed frosted glass facades illuminate in various colors during the evening

004-The new Vendsyssel TheatreVendsyssel_Theatre_SHL_010

004-The new Vendsyssel TheatreVendsyssel_Theatre_SHL_011



Architectural, functional and experiential emphasis has been placed on five main themes: Anchoring in the town, transparency, functionality, flexibility and materiality. The result is a striking building, which relates pragmatically to its function and which invites both active use and quiet breaks.

The approach to the building’s design has been a pragmatic view of culture as an opportunity and experience for all. Therefore, space has been created for both scheduled and ad hoc events outside at the plaza, inside the foyer and on the grand staircase where visitors can choose to be spectators or even participate in the activities.

▼ 大厅是一个灵活且多功能的空间,the foyer is a flexible and versatile space

005-The new Vendsyssel TheatreVendsyssel_Theatre_SHL_013

005-The new Vendsyssel TheatreVendsyssel_Theatre_SHL_012


Inside, an open plan solution ensures visual and physical connections across the building. The boundaries between publicly accessible areas and the more traditional theatre functions are blurred.

▼ 观众在全视角的剧场内与观看表演,an”in-the-round” theatre

008-The new Vendsyssel TheatreVendsyssel_Theatre_SHL_017

008-The new Vendsyssel TheatreVendsyssel_Theatre_SHL_020

▼ 黑色的剧场营造出神秘的氛围,the black theater creates a mysterious atmosphere

007-The new Vendsyssel Theatre

▼ 墙面的设计不仅为了美观,还考量了声学效果,the design of the wall is not only for the aesthetic, but also consider the acoustic effect

009-The new Vendsyssel Theatre


“We’ve designed emphasis on the interaction between artists and spectators. Inside, all the major halls can be opened to the foyer, the use of glass and windows in different rooms creates visual connections and the performers can get a glimpse of the public from their lounge on the top level.”

▼ 暖色调舒适的音乐厅,the Music hall surrounded by a warm atmosphere

006-The new Vendsyssel TheatreVendsyssel_Theatre_SHL_014

▼ 总平面图,general plan


▼ 首层平面图,the ground floor

C:TempProject PathVT_C07.02_B02.02_01 Arkitekt_CHN.pdf

▼ 二层平面图,the first floor

C:TempProject PathVT_C07.02_B02.02_01 Arkitekt_CHN.pdf

▼ 地下层,the basement plan

C:TempProject PathVT_C07.02_B02.02_01 Arkitekt_CHN.pdf

▼ 剖面图,the section


Architect: Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Client: Hjørring Municipality, Realdania
Area: 4,200m²
Construction cost: € 24 million ex. VAT
Competition: 2013, 1st prize in competition
Local architect: Arkitektfirmaet Finn Østergaard A/S
Engineers: Brix & Kamp A/S; ALECTIA A/S
Landscape architect: LIW Planning Aps
Other consultants:
Gade & Mortensen Akustik A/S
AIX Arkitekter AB
Filippa Berglund, scenography, architect maa
Photo: Adam Mørk

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