Landscape Design of Baan San Ngam by Shma

Harness the modern elements to recreate nature

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由海洋、沙丘、沼泽、洼地、砂石堆和森林构成的多样化自然景观,为场地营造出丰富的地形和地表纹理,激发设计师的创作灵感,在此进行不同的设计试验与尝试。从探讨 “自然与艺术” 的概念出发,设计师通过研究不同生态元素间的相互作用,如海水漫过沙滩之时的流动状态,将灵感转化,组合成为多变的空间,色彩和肌理。

The varying ecological elements within the area from the sea, dunes, swamp, swale, mound and forest scape provides the site with an interesting topography and ground texture for the designer to experiment with. The concept of “Nature vs. Art” is explored in studying the translation of different shapes, colour and textures when different ecological elements merge into each other such as how water reacts when it flows and penetrate through sand.

▼项目概览,project overview

Baan San Ngam是一个低层海滨分契式公寓,位于泰国的Prachuabkirikhan省境内。远离惯常的旅游区,场地被自然生长的红树林和葱郁树木掩映环绕,有着山坡绵延的景致与视野。

“Baan San Ngam”, a low rise beach front condominium is situated in the Prachuabkirikhan province of Thailand. Located away from the typical tourist area, the site is surrounded by mangroves and grove wood forest with the backdrop of mountainous terrain in the distant.

▼形态自然的泳池在草木间延展,naturally shaped water pool stretched into small grass dunes


The main concept plays on the transition between these 6 ecological elements by creating a natural form of the swimming pool covering most area of the site to mimic the flowing of the sea. Furthermore, a series of small grass dunes are created and placed throughout the landscape area in order to create a balance with the flat surface of ground cover and to also encourage various activities by the residents. Along the edges of the pool, a slanted run-off edge was designed playing with different heights and level resembling a stepped terrain to slow the runoff water from the pool and also to reflect the natural formation of soil erosion.

▼带有倾斜流水边缘的泳池区域,the swimming pool with slanted run-off edge


Pockets of sunken seating space is placed inside the swimming pool according to the client’s brief of creating an enclosed area resembling a bird’s nest giving the sense of a warm and secure territory.

▼设置于泳池近旁的下沉座椅空间,sunken seating space placed inside the swimming pool


The idea behind the selection of types of plants to relate to each of the 6 ecological elements mentioned is to enhance the atmospheric quality to resemble the natural environment as much as possible. Starting with the Dune area where the selection of plants are durable to wind and sea breeze. They will have the characteristic of thick and large leaves. Luscious, green plants are selected for the Swamp area while colourful flowers, trees and ground cover plants are chosen for the Swale area. In the Mound area, ground cover plants with small and delicate leaves are chosen. Lastly, the Forest area along the edges of the project site contains big and tall trees to act as both a barrier to the outside and also emphasize the atmospheric quality to the ‘forest’.

▼葱郁的植被树木映射出自然多样的景观,selection of different types of plants is related to ecological elements mindfully reflected

概括而言,Baan San Ngam公寓的景观设计真正关注并实现了环境的塑造与提升,不仅与建筑设计的功能空间完美结合,同时尊重守护着本土独特尊贵的自然条件。

All in all, “Baan San Ngam” condominium project truly pays attention to the surrounding environment within and around the site and incorporate it into the landscape design which not only practical to the function of the architectural design but also respect and acknowledge the idea of “The precious nature”.

▼水池细部,swimming pool detail

Client: Sansiri PCL.
Category: Low Rise Condominium
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Design Period: 2012-2014
Completion Year: 2014
Site Area: 14,622 sq. m.
Collaborators: Somdoon Architects
Photographer: Wison Tungthunya
Awards: TALA Professional Awards 2016 : Honor Award

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