“Demain, le vaisseau chimère” by GGSV Studio

The story of a world transforming under the influence of weird entities

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在周年庆结束之际,Galerie des Galeries美术馆开设了一系列新的展览,旨在关注艺术的叙事性。众多艺术家、设计师、建筑师、创作者和故事讲述者将借此机会来讲述精彩的故事,将每个人的想象力充分唤醒。

On the occasion of the end of the year celebrations, Galerie des
Galeries opens a new series of exhibitions dedicated to the genre of tale. Artists, designers, architects, creators and storytellers will succeed each other to create new stories to awaken everyone’s imagination.

该系列展览已于2018年11月正式开幕,首先呈现的是由GGSV工作室的设计师Gaëlle Gabillet和Stéphane Villard带来的《Demain, le vaisseau chimère》(明日,幻想之船)。该展览描绘了一个在奇异事物的影响下不断变化的世界。自然元素、各种事物和现象共同改变着世界的方方面面。一个秘密的场所由此诞生——隐喻性的幻想之船,等待着人们在未来登陆。然而,通向这则奇幻寓言的路径并不容易被找到,只有一扇门可以真正地通向它的内在。

For this first occurrence taking place from November 8, 2018 to
January 27, 2019, the designers Gaëlle Gabillet and Stéphane Villard from GGSV studio present «Demain, le vaisseau chimère» (Tomorrow, the chimera ship): the story of a world transforming under the influence of weird entities. Natural elements –things and phenomena– have organized to alter the world’s aspect. They gave birth to a secret place, a metaphorical spaceship on which Man could be boarding tomorrow. Yet the path to go and visit this strange allegory has to be found. Only one door leads to it.


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展览地点:Galerie des Galeries美术馆,巴黎Haussmann大街40号
Time: November 8, 2018 – January 27, 2019
Venue: Galerie des Galeries, 40 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris

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