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Waiting is the quiet blank in the cycle

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In the winter time, the four seasons gently fall into the soil. They squeeze, sleep, submit, turn into carbon black mud, and wait to get through the severe coldness. The carbon color of the cultivated land symbolizes recuperation. The kind of blackness is the purity and quietness that returns to the essence, until it wakes up in the spring, regenerates, nourishes the new buds, and develops into another season’s life cycle.

▼视频,video © 水相设计


以炭养泥 以黑蕴气
Nurturing mud with charcoal, and accumulating energy with black


In the early spring, there is a formula in the mud. The ashes nurture nutrients and life levels from the barren black, awakening the prosperity of crops. We try to use different substances to describe the rich touch of carbon black, simulating the subtle spring atmosphere in the fields, just like the relationship between the scalp and hair metabolism and nourishment, over and over again.

▼店铺外观,exterior view ©李国民摄影空间事务所

▼入口细部,details of the entrance ©李国民摄影空间事务所


We use different woods to dye black and build the stairs and facade of the stepped passage that leads to the experience space on the second floor. Stepping up the stairs, we can see the hues of black with different luster, expressing different levels of quietness and gradual evolution, while opening the prelude to experience the essence of nature.

▼入口楼梯,staircase at the entrance ©李国民摄影空间事务所

▼利用不同木料染黑搭建踏面立面,different woods to dye black and build the stairs and facade of the stepped passage ©李国民摄影空间事务所

▼仰视楼梯间天花板,Looking up at the stairwell ceiling ©李国民摄影空间事务所


We use fine metal meshes full of twists and feels to build the main visual wall of the brand with levels of forward and withdrawal surfaces. Imagining the tissues and pores of the scalp from the inside to the outside, they stand still as pure symbols in the space. It marks knowledge clues, and explains the laws of the alternating rise and fall of life and breathing, as well as the key role that plants play here.

▼二层空间入口,entrance of the second floor ©李国民摄影空间事务所

▼接待空间,reception area ©李国民摄影空间事务所

▼接待区的旋转楼梯,the spiral staircase in the reception area ©李国民摄影空间事务所

▼接待区地面细部,details of the floor in the reception area ©李国民摄影空间事务所


以终为始 循环无界
Start with the end, and the cycle has no boundaries


In the natural prototype, whether it is the winding ridges that connect the farmland, the curvature of the hair, the edges of the veins or the ups and downs of the mountains are not orderly, but they are admiring. Rough freehand lines without manual sorting are the core concepts that we want to reproduce in the shape of space. Therefore, the standard cabinet door frame retreats behind the carbon black facade and the multi-layered black gauze circles are used to draw the shield of organic lines. Replacing the flat artificial medium with burnt black carbonized wood shows the simple cycle after removing the exterior prosperous affectation. The end is also the beginning.

▼展示区,display area ©李国民摄影空间事务所

▼制式柜体门框退隐在炭黑的立面之后,the standard cabinet door frame retreats behind the carbon black facade ©李国民摄影空间事务所

▼储藏室,pantry ©李国民摄影空间事务所

▼充满手感弯折曲度的金属细网, fine metal meshes full of twists ©李国民摄影空间事务所

▼品牌视觉主墙,the main visual wall of the brand ©李国民摄影空间事务所

▼视觉主墙细部,details of the main visual wall of the brand ©李国民摄影空间事务所


The black with different touches creates a ritual experience line. In this process, users collect clues by themselves and piece the elements together. Through space, we can comprehend the interlocking origin of the nature, as well as the value refined from it through time. Step into a primitive cycle and use your five sense intuition to access memories. Imagine the rain, the glimmer of the cold spring, the life of the new buds of the treetops. Mixed with the wet black mud, they turn into the breath in the wind…

▼体验区,experience area ©李国民摄影空间事务所

▼体验区内部,interior of the experience area ©李国民摄影空间事务所

▼体验区细部,details of the experience area ©李国民摄影空间事务所

▼卫生间细部,detail of the restroom ©李国民摄影空间事务所

▼概念图,concept © 水相设计

▼平面图,plan © 水相设计


Designer: Waterfrom Design
Client: juliArt
Category: Scalp SPA
Location: Taiwan
Area: 128 m2
Layout: reception center. waiting area. display area. VIP experience area. toilet
Material:hand paint, solid wood, volcanic rock, metal net, pp plate sheet, acrylic
Design Period:2020.07 ~ 2020.11
Construction Period:2020.11 ~ 2021.02
Photographer:Lee Kuomin Photography Teams
Copyright: Waterfrom Design

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