BOOTH`S CAKE in Beijing, China by odd

A simple space with clear lines highlights the exquisite handmade cakes.

Project Specs


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odd建筑事务所受邀为BOOTH`S CAKE设计位于工体北路的新店。客户希望整体空间能带给客人独特的视觉感受和舒适的就餐体验。

Okamoto Deguchi Design was invited by BOOTH’S CAKE to design their new store at Gongti North Road in Beijing. The client hopes the space will give customers a unique visual feeling and a comfortable dining experience.

▼ 店内一览,overall view of the store


Walking along the noisy Gongti North Road, you will notice a building with rought grey walls and a grass-green logo surrounded by local residential buildings. It is simple, modern and yet no violation.

▼ 简洁的灰色墙面上设置店面LOGO,LOGO on the simple grey wall


The space is divided into two floors. On the first floor are the display counter and the kitchen. Full-height glass walls attract passing customers to come into the store to seek around. Gentle grey tones, sloped walls, a stainless steel walkway, and seating furniture areas matches the decor highlight the space’s clean and futuristic style. The nine meter display counter forms a centralized display. The clear lines and simple decor give sharp contrast with the exquisite handmade cakes, emphasizing the softness and delicate sensitivity of the cakes.

▼ 通透的玻璃墙吸引顾客,transparent glass wall attracting people from the street

▼ 9米长的柜台简洁而又现代,nine meter counter in simple and modern shape

▼ 富有金属感的空间突出蛋糕的绵软细腻,the space with metallic feel underlines the softness of the cakes


The second floor focuses on the guests’ dining experience, using wood to give a warm balance to the grey tones. The stainless steel walkway connects the whole space, allowing the three spaces have a feeling of connection while maintaining their own unique characteristics. Each area has well-designed elements, i.e. the windows-embedded sofa seats, the long table which could be used for pastry class. In addition, the original low beam is designed for LOGO wall and so on. The combination of simple materials and lighting also enriches the whole space.

▼ 简洁的楼梯通往二楼,simple staircase to the second floor


▼ 以金属和木材为主的二层空间,现代而温馨,镜面使空间更显宽敞,second floor space composed mainly by metal and wood with a mirror wall doubling the space, giving a sense of modern while warm

▼ 下沉的就餐区,lower dining space

▼ 低矮的过梁上设置LOGO, LOGO on the low beam

▼ 一层平面图,first floor plan

▼ 二层平面图,second floor plan

设计团队:冈本庆三 出口勉 方雪妮

More: odd ,更多关于他们,请至:odd on gooood.

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