Bon Bon Bar By Spik Studios

The roaring world in the classic architecture.

Project Specs


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Clarion Hotels委托Spik Studios事务所为自己设计全瑞典最酷的酒吧。他们希望这个酒吧将1920年代的喧嚣和壮丽融入到当代的派对氛围中。这个想法既酷又极具挑战性。Clarion Hotel Post位于哥德堡市中心,是始建于1925年的邮局建筑,市民曾引以为傲。

▼入口设计彰显内部张力,the entrance shows the dramatic atmosphere

When Clarion Hotels assigned Spik Studios to create one of Swedens coolest cocktail bars the brief was both clear and challenging: “Create an extraordinary bar/nightclub by merging the roaring 1920’s grandeur with a contemporary party experience.” Clarion Hotel Post is situated in the heart of Gothenburg (Swedens second largest city), and is a majestic building raised in 1925 that was originally the cities proud.

▼吧台,bar table

处理这样一栋被人尊为城市标志的建筑面临非常大的挑战,其中最艰巨的莫过于在历史建筑与周围建筑之间找到衔接点。如Spik Studios的CEO所说:“我们需要将当代设计手法运用到老建筑中,从而找到新旧之间的独特衔接点。”Spik Studios设计的Bon Bon Bar打造了这样一个独特的空间:酒保推着邮局的标志性小推车,将一杯独特的巧克力鸡尾酒送到顾客面前。

Dealing with one of the cities architectural crown jewels, the main challenge for Spik Studios was to find a way through a maze of regulations linked to the listed building. As CEO of SPIK Studios, Daniel Berg puts it: “We had to find a way to marry contemporary design features with prerequisites of the existing architectural structure, in order to create a unique and attractive bridge between past and present!”. SPIK Studios gave birth to The Bon Bon Bar and created a venue far from the ordinary, where one can for instance order cocktails with befitting exclusive chocolates from a personal bartender serving it all from a postal trolley brought to your table. 

▼内部装饰在历史建筑与现代设计之中找到平衡点,the modern interior links the historical building

▼超长定制的沙发突显了空间延续性,the long sofa create a continuous atmosphere

▼古典的立面开窗配合现代装饰,the classic window with modern decorations

通过使用多彩的当代材料和现代化的细节设计,为古老的邮局增添了一抹新的风情。从40米长的沙发到特别打造的舞池,以及酒吧门口巨大的狐狸模型,大部分的室内设计为特别定制。定制的台灯和地毯,艺术品及壁画既是为了与建筑相和谐,也形成了酒吧的独有符号。通过有趣的混合材料,比如花岗岩石地面上落满灰尘的粉色羽毛,和有投影的经典窗格,设计师将Bon Bon Bar打造成独有的形式来庆祝哥德堡2021年的400岁生日。

New flavor was brought to a strict postal office setting by using colourful contemporary materials and modern details. Most of the interior is bespoke, from the 40-meter long sofa designed specifically to create elevated areas for dancing,to the larger than life fox-model in the pink portal leading into the bar. Custom made table lamps and carpet patterns, art installations and murals were all designed to either harmonise with existing details of the listed building, or to create the contrasting effect that became the signature element of the bar. By playfully mixing materials such as dusty pink velvet with granite floors, and classic window panes with modern VJ- projections, SPIK Studios turned The Bon Bon Bar into a clash of the century that celebrates Gothenburgs upcoming 400-year anniversary in 2021. 

▼定制的家具,costumed furniture

Interior designer:Daniel Berg Stocks – project management Gudrun Bonér
Architect:Emma-Nora Hedberg, Simon Poulsgaard
Creative:Philip Raftsedt,Mario Potes,Marc Eastmond
Hotel manager:Fredrik Blomberg
PhotographyFredrik Etoall & Andreas Sundgren

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