MAMI HOUSE By José Carlos Nunes de Oliveira

100,000€ to built a private house.

Project Specs


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设计师接到用8万欧设计一栋建筑用地面积390平方米,基底面积为160平方米的住宅项目,这基本是不可能完成的任务。经过协商客户将设计费用增加到10万欧。方案初为将建筑设计为基底面积110平方米,总建筑面积220平方米的住宅建筑。由于葡萄牙的用地法规规定,建筑的用地面积不得少于规划用地面积,又基于没有多余的设计经费,设计师将方案更改为一栋9 x 9 x 6 米的住宅,共两层,其中每层162平方米。

I was engaged to design a 160 sqm house for 80.000 €.“It’s impossible” I said, and I ask to add a little more and I would accepted.Poetry is not a luxury.After a few days they came back, they reached to 100.000 €.The site (Lot 50) area has 390 sqm and it was predicted an implantation area of 110 sqm (a maximum capacity of 220 sqm on two floors). There is no budget for all that. I proposed a 9 x 9 x 6 m house, two levels, 162 sqm. The town hall rejected. In Portugal is not acceptable to build less than the predicted in the Allotment Plan. We start to work on the request to change the Allotment Plan.

▼建筑全貌,full view

▼住宅入口,the entrance


▼建筑夜景,house in dark

建筑基底平坦,没有沿街道倾斜,周边围绕植物花园,外围附属建筑等待拆除。平面规划将设计程序分割。社交功能和服务功能被安排在地面层,上层为三间卧室和洗手间。为了缩减预算设计师抛弃了建筑设计中昂贵的部分,其中:1.设计师减少了洗手间的数量,其中两个洗手间中只有一间配备淋浴间;2.设计师倾向于将预算用于建筑的能源供给而不是材料运用。将住宅想象成迷你燃料库。利用混凝土墙壁打造隔热系统;3.建筑底层包括中央5.2 x 3.7 米的厨房,洗手间,楼梯和房间在内的平面规划,也展现了局促空间的合理化运用,节省了开支。

The site has the shape of a slice of pizza. The flat topography didn’t follow the slope of the western street. The terrain was occupied by vegetable gardens and outbuildings ready to demolish.The level plans divided the program.The social functions and services are on the ground floor and on the first floor the three bedrooms and a toilette.To cut down the budget we identified the more expensive options of a building. 1.We reduced the number of toilettes (only 2 units serving the two floors, one of them with bath); 2.We prefer to invest on the energy efficiency of the building instead of an expense in finishing materials. I imagine the house as a mini-bunker. Natural concrete walls inside and in the outside a thermal insulation component system with 8-10 cm thick; 3. The same austerity was used to rationalize the available area. In the centre of the ground floor a block of 5.2 x 3.7 m contain kitchen, toilette service, stairs (in the basement a storage space) and the room shelves. Without using partitions, the remaining space was divided. 

▼客厅,living room

▼底层中央厨房,kitchen in the middle of the ground floor

▼底层为全开放布局,the open layout of ground floor

▼楼梯通向二层,stair to the upper floor


▼隐藏在卧室壁门之后的洗手间,bathroom behind the wall of the bedroom


▼洗手间接受自然采光,toilet enjoys natural light


▼底层平面图,the ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,the second floor plan


▼轴侧分析图,axonometric view

project: Single family house

location: Matosinhos

authors: arch. José Carlos Nunes de Oliveira

collaborators: arch. Gonçalo Ferreira; arch. Hugo Araujo

structural project: eng. Rossana Pereira – GEPEC

hydraulic and acustic project: eng. Rossana Pereira – GEPEC

electricity, telecommunications and security: eng. Alexandre Martins – GPIC gas and hvac project: eng. Raul Bessa – GET

client: MG & MG

intervention area: 162 sqm

volume: 1205 cum

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