MR.MAIMAi Bakery (II) in Hangzhou, China by AN Interior Design

Dynamic curves draw a tranquil resting space.

Project Specs


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The new space of MR.MAIMAi bakery is located on the second floor of an office building in Hangzhou, accessible via an outdoor escalator. The bakery provides white-collar office workers with a place to enjoy bread and coffee on a busy work day. Taking a break can be seen as entering a tranquil state.

▼面包店外观,可乘扶梯到达,external view of the bakery, which could be reached by escalator


In this originally square space of 60 m2, we intend to apply dynamic and rolling curves that divide the space into several functional sections.

▼店内一览,主要材料为大理石和黄铜,曲线划分空间,通风口用黄铜包裹,overall view of the interior mainly composed of marble and brass, with curves dividing the space. The air outlets are also with brass cladding

▼玻璃柜台中展示着各种面包,暖色可以勾起人的食欲,bread displayed behind the glass, warm color brings up people’s appetite


The curve design is used in the seating area and aisle space. Without interfering with the flow of customers, dynamic lines are incorporated into the space high up on the ceiling or to the side, in the shape of 1/4 arcs, made from brass or marble. Here we use marble to form the dynamic lines. The curved surface area demonstrates a cascade of sequenced elements that makes the whole space dynamic yet static. Brass handrails are used to separate the order section from the seating area. Customers may take a seat at the brass table and chair representing a vintage industrial style, or on the brass park bench, where they can take in all the nice views while enjoying a moment of tranquility and exquisiteness.

▼柜台上方1/4弧形的石材勾勒出通道和休息区,铜制长椅充满复古气息,the 1/4 arcs marble above the counter defines the passage and the relax area, the brass bench representing a vintage style

▼就餐区上方使用1/4弧形的黄铜划分空间,铜管扶手分隔就餐区和购买区,1/4 arcs brass above defines the seating area, brass handrails are used to separate the order section from the seating area


The bottom edge of the dynamic marble design arc incorporates a brass structure that outlines the design and echoes its dynamic aspect with the brass trash can and tissue box on the marble counter. Behind the counter stands a flat block which also adopts moving lines to achieve a dynamic environment.

▼大理石边缘采用铜结构,与柜台上的铜制垃圾桶和纸巾盒呼应,brass structure on the bottom edge of the marble, corresponding to the brass trash can and tissue box on the counter

▼柜台后部的弧形结构,the curved structure behind the counter


For materials, we have followed the common combination of marble and brass as well as dark stone materials. The ceiling is largely covered by brass, so is the air conditioner outlet. Inside the bakery, there is one whole wall and one wall of 1.3m high that are made of dark stone materials. The rest remains original with aluminum framed windows.

▼大面积的黄铜吊顶和黄铜包裹的出风口,the ceiling is largely covered by brass so is the air outlet


Dynamic blocks fill the space with exquisiteness and elegance, while leaving many interesting details to explore.




项目:MR.MAIMAi 麦丘梵面包店
面积:60 m2

Project: Ka Wah International store of MR.MAIMAi
Feature: a new type of bakery that offers coffee and desserts
Location: Hangzhou, China
Designer:Hangzhou AN Interior Design Co.,Ltd.
Photo by Yujie Liu
Completion: Jan.2017
Floor area: 60m2

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