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A museum of vintage BMWs is opening this month in Beijing, China. Crossboundaries’ design for the gallery space brings forth the exclusiveness of the cars while it references the Chinese collector with a local touch.

BMW Vintage Museum by CrossboundariesP19


The museum exhibition starts on the 3rd floor. Entering through an inviting, almost two floors high and bright area, passing the reception zone, whose vertical surfaces are accentuated with horizontal lighting strips interpreting the motion of speed, the visitor is being absorbed into a lower, more cozy “transitional” lounge.

▽ 速度感,the motion of speed


▽ 入口空间,entrance hall

BMW Vintage Museum by CrossboundariesP04     BMW Vintage Museum by CrossboundariesP06


Through layers of red fabric in the imitation of a Chinese gate, the exhibition opens up behind. The exhibition area is subdivided into different zones with diverse qualities, some of display and some of lounging.

White, light and slightly transparent fabric banners are hung from the open ceiling on this floor. While the fabric’s verticality reduces the high ceiling to a more human scale, the vast amount of white textile surfaces indicates generority and the “Chinese red gate” as backdrop transmits an imperial feeling.


BMW Vintage Museum by CrossboundariesP11

BMW Vintage Museum by CrossboundariesP07


The neutral white brings emphasis on the few exhibition pieces here, underlining their exclusiveness.

The horizontal lighting strips continue into the main exhibition area and information walls, with integrated screens for multimedia presentations at the perimeter walls of the space. Projections can be also screened on to fabric banners in the middle of the space where seating areas are provided around the exhibition pieces.

BMW Vintage Museum by CrossboundariesP13     BMW Vintage Museum by CrossboundariesP15


The 4th floor offers a different experience. Walking up a centered freestanding staircase, the visitor accesses the 4th floor and arrives at the front of two long car display platforms. Having more cars to show on this floor, a key feature here is the car display. The space is structured by several long platforms out of white back painted glass surfaces with integrated stainless steel strips and edges. Similar to the 3rd floor, the metal lines mimic the lighting strips on the walls and the information walls reappear on the perimeter of the space.


BMW Vintage Museum by CrossboundariesP20

BMW Vintage Museum by CrossboundariesP33     BMW Vintage Museum by CrossboundariesP21


The ceiling of stainless steel mirrors the elevated platforms, allowing the space to appear higher and more spacious. The special lighting for illumination of the cars is also integrated here. Parallel to each other, the platforms offer the visitor a clear route through the history of cars and more interaction.

A movie theater, game room and an exhibition display for smaller items round off the experience. They are located at the end of the exhibition area, where natural light leads you towards the elevators.

BMW Vintage Museum by CrossboundariesP25

BMW Vintage Museum by CrossboundariesP23

▽ 平面图,plan





负责人:蓝冰可(Binke Lenhardt),董灏
团队:Maria Francesca Origa, 陈希格,李振宇
设计面积:3600 sqm
设计周期:2013年12月– 2014年12月
施工:2014年3月– 2016年5月

Project name: BMW Vintage Museum
Client: China Zheng Tong Auto Services Holdings Ltd.
Location: Beijin
Architect: Crossboundaries, Beijing
Partners-in-Charge: Binke Lenhardt, DONG Hao
Team: Maria Francesca Origa, Hayger Chan, LI Zhenyu
Collaborator: BMW China Design Team
Designable area: 3600 sqm
Design period: Dec. 2013 – Feb. 2014
Construction: March 2014 – May 2016
Status: Completed
Photographs: YANG Chao Ying

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