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A new hotel generation arrives in Brussels ! The Jam is a unique place in the capital city, modern, lively and urban, where every traveler profiles have the opportunity to meet themselves, being the businessman tired of cold and impersonal hotels to the backpacker looking for some comfort level through families eager for discoveries or bandmates on a spree. In a super friendly atmosphere, all these people can find satisfaction : design, service, budget, comfort, location….

▽ 建筑外观,external view

001-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

混凝土装饰风格 A concrete decor

Jam酒店的前身是70年代由艺术学校改造的办公楼。Jam以其经过认证的原始混凝土为傲。客房里的原始而又舒适的松木给客房添了一些暖意。但是在比利时室内设计届赫赫有名的Lionel Jadot的指导下,如大厅,酒吧和餐厅等酒店的公共区域大放异彩。Lionel Jadot的设计过程好像是在完成一幅巨大的抽象拼图,像极了达达主义艺术家Kurt Schwitters的“Merzbau”创作手法。

Housed in a former office building of the 70’s converted during a few years in an art school, the Jam is proud of its original certified raw concrete. Granted, in the rooms, it is warmed by the pine wood in a low-tech and comfortable spirit, but it explodes in public areas — lobby, bars and restaurant— under the stewardship of Lionel Jadot, one of the heavyweights of young Belgian interior designing, who had fun to work it like a large abstract collage, ogling with a fancy towards Dada, Kurt Schwitters and his Merzbau.

▽ 大堂, lobby

077-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

008-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

007-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

▽ 地下游戏室,the Game Room in the basement

016-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree


意大利风味餐厅 A restaurant that cultivates an Italian accent

在Jam酒店的餐厅,开启“品质餐厅模式”所需时间很短。餐厅同时对旅客和附近居民开放,他们尤爱意大利面,大披萨和开胃菜。在这儿,即便是一道简单的菜也一样美味。感谢Vincenzo Marino对事物的密切关注保证着所有菜品的品质。而自助早餐的材料主要源于当地健康的手工产品。

At the Jam restaurant, Italy takes an easier time of it in quality canteen mode. It’s opened to residents and neighborhood locals, who gather around a pasta pot, large pizzas and more antipasto trays… a simple cuisine that nevertheless has not forgotten to be tasty : here, savours never miss the mark thanks to Vincenzo Marino, keeping a close watch on things, also head of the Brussels “Vini Divini”, an excellent table. The breakfast buffet is itself composed mainly of local, healthy and artisanal products.

▽ 餐厅,restaurant

009-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

012-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree


完善的服务 More than perfect services


Yes, it’s true, the relaxation pool and its sundeck, installed outdoor on the roof of the building, are unique in the capital city. But the assets of the Jam are not confined to that, far from it : its restaurant with 80 seats capacity, two bars (one on rooftop), the Game Room in the basement, a private parking, its bikes (Bromptons, no less), scooters and skateboards available to residents, its free access to the neighboring gym, its newsletter concocted by a specialist in cultural lifestyle… we can say that here, we thought of it all ! Not forgetting the scatterbrains who have forgotten their love kits, headsets, chargers, yoga mat and other hot-water bottles, or the greedy caught by a sudden craving for chocolate or cookies (the best in the capital, upon our word of brusseleers).

▽ 屋顶泳池和日光浴平台,relaxation pool and its sundeck

028-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

030-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

▽ 顶层酒吧,the rooftop bar

019-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

020-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

025-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree   021-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree


齐全的房间配置 A variety of room configurations Jam


The Jam features 78 rooms some of which accommodate up to 6 people, but also a “Giga room” with 18 beds… enough to satisfy to all types of stays and meet the wishes of an eclectic audience. Need it be said that they are all equipped with TV, quality bedding, specially designed acoustic and enjoy a (really) efficient wifi ?

▽ 两人间,double room

036-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

038-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree   035-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

042-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

▽ 三人间,triple room

054-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

▽ 多人间,multiple room

055-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

057-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

061-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

▽ 18人间,Giga room with 18 beds

062-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

063-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

064-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree


基于每种预算的定价 Prices cut for every budget Jam


At Jam, prices have carefully devised to remain accessible to every budget : the night starts from 18 euros for a dorm bed and from 150 euros for a room accommodating 6 people. Even at bars and restaurant, “fair pricing” is a must !

▽ 交通空间,circulation area

073-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree   074-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

075-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

▽ 夜景,evening view

004-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

▽ 草图,sketchs

078-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree   079-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

081-Jam Hotel by Sophie Carree

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