BLITZ restaurant by Jordan Weisberg Architecture

To highlight remarkably the sweetness and quality of the dishes served from the Middle East

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Jordan Weisberg事务所在巴黎第11区为BLITZ餐厅打造了新的室内空间,这也是该事物所的首个餐厅项目。此前,Jordan Weisberg事务所已与Manuelle Gautrand、Lacaton and Vassal以及Encore Heureux等国际知名事务所成功进行过合作。

The studio Jordan Weisberg created the mineral interior of BLITZ, one of the new Parisian venues in the 11th arrondissement, opening its doors this April. This is the first restaurant project for the founder of this young agency based between Paris and Tel Aviv, after Jordan had had a successful early career with various internationally renowned agencies such as Manuelle Gautrand, Lacaton and Vassal or Encore Heureux.

▼建筑外观,exterior view

首先,设计师凭借敏锐的设计嗅觉找到了使餐厅与顾客建立联系和分享情感的方法,创造出友好的氛围,鼓励人们在此对话、探索和分享。设计采用了一种既不会占据太多室内空间,又不会显得太过扎眼的装饰方法:以优雅而克制的语言营造出一种简单而温暖的氛围。设计师Jordan Weisberg解释说:“我讨厌被局限在一个确定的主题之内。对我而言,美无处不在,它可以是一根稻草,也可以是一块大理石板,一切只取决于它被展现的方法。我不相信普遍的真理,因为没有非黑即白的事物。”

Sensitive and spontaneous in his creative approaches, Jordan Weisberg looks for immediacy first and an emotional connection to share with his client in order to create a friendly space where people feel good, encouraged to linger for discussion, discovery and sharing. He opted for a decoration that doesn’t ‘take too much space’ and which doesn’t monopolize the look – an elegant sobriety which brings a simple and warm atmosphere. He explains: ‘I hate to lock up an object or a subject in a category. For me beauty is everywhere: in a twig of straw, in a marble plate, simply because everything depends on its staging. I do not believe in general truths, nothing is all black or all white! ’

▼简单而温暖的室内氛围,a simple and warm atmosphere


Utilising the 65m2 of the two already existing floors, Jordan Weisberg wished to transcribe what the walls and the place related to in the space. As with each of his projects, whether private or public, he wanted to work with an existing base, and to project with his first feelings and sketches. The project is full of details influenced by the city of Tel Aviv, and echoing its unique feeling especially through the colors and materials. Jordan Weisberg adds: ‘Certain materials and colors come naturally to me, some ideas appeared to me at the turn of the streets. For example, the lighting fixtures of the restaurant are based on those found above all the balconies of Tel Aviv and also the use of cement (moucharabieh) found in hot countries. In my eyes, the simplest things are often the most delicate and graceful.’

▼用餐区域,dining area



▼细部,detailed view

The dialogue is then instinctive for the architect: a curved and angular surface responds to a flat and rounded surface, a velvet textile prolongs a block of cement, one color reflects another. A refined and natural play is set between matt and gloss, cold and warm materials that recall natural elements – the sun and the earth. This play is also visible in the colors sometimes evoking plants sometimes the blue sky, raw materials (wood, concrete, terracotta) or reflective tones.

▼弯曲而有棱角的表面与平坦而光滑的表面形成呼应, a curved and angular surface responds to a flat and rounded surface

▼室内细部,interior detailed view


设计师认为,不同的空间应当是混合且相互作用的。餐厅中采用了法国著名设计师Mathieu Lehanneur设计的吊灯,也使用了十分普通的固定灯。不同的空间在视觉上也形成了交互:厨房和餐厅相互敞开,楼梯则通向位于会客室和冬季花园之间的一个私人区域,带来隐蔽而惬意的休息空间。

For Jordan, the different universes must mix and interact. For example, the choice of lighting fixtures where imposing suspensions of a famous French designer, Mathieu Lehanneur, converse with quieter applications. The interaction is also visible in spaces that interlock with each other, the kitchen opens on the dining room and vice versa. Further on, the staircase takes us to a felted privatized space, between a boudoir in the colonial style and a winter garden, which invites one to escape and for entertainment.

▼私人休息室,a felted privatized space


The environment conceived and designed by Jordan highlights remarkably the sweetness and quality of the dishes served from the Middle East gastronomy with traditional but revisited dishes such as: Shaksouka, Keftas or Schnitzels.

▼设计概念图,design concept

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