Spirto coffee bar, Sparta by Kostas Chatzigiannis Architecture

familiar flirts with the unexpected

Project Specs


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康希建筑最近完成的全新品牌项目Spirto 位于全球著名的古老文化都市斯巴达(Sparta)的核心地区。联想到希腊文化里火柴(match)的给人的感觉,Spirto的名字也由此而来,它代表的含义是简单(simple)、快速(snappy)、火热(fiery)。整间全日咖啡吧以其醒目的色彩以及奇特的名字在一条小型步行街上显得与众不同。

▼店铺门面,Store front

KCA’s recently completed Spirto is a brand new space at the heart of one of the world’s most ancient cities, Sparta. Living up to its name, which means “match” in Greek, Spirto’s presence is simple, snappy, and fiery. The all-day coffee bar differentiates itself from neighbors on a small pedestrian street with its bold colors and quirky name.

▼蓝色金属几何形外立面与门上的红色推手还有霓虹标牌相匹配,The geometry of the blue metal facade is matched with pink details on the door and neon signage

Spirto结合摇滚乐场景中常见的图像和音乐,以一种引人入胜的方式使业主对整个空间主要的概念和生活方式成为现实。蓝色金属几何形外立面与门上的红色推手还有霓虹标牌相匹配。进入整个空间,游客首先可以感受到来自水泥墙上的Amy Winehouse手绘肖像画的问候。这幅画像为周围的休息区打下基调的同时也展现了顾客的口味和个性。

Combining lively images and sounds from the rock scene, Spirto materializes the owners’ main concept and lifestyle in a way that invites and ignites. The geometry of the blue metal facade is matched with pink details on the door and neon signage. Upon entering the space, visitors are greeted with a hand-painted portrait of Amy Winehouse on a cement wall. The image sets the tone for the surrounding lounge area, showcasing the tastes and personalities of its patrons.

▼室内概览,Interior view

▼吧台,Bar counter

▼水泥墙上的Amy Winehouse手绘肖像画,hand-painted portrait of Amy Winehouse on a cement wall


A long, vibrant wall of fame runs all the way to the end of this deep and narrow space. It is almost a patchwork of materials, where exposed concrete is paired with areas of glossy green paint. Metallic structures like a rebar grid and bright yellow perforated sheets are attached to the wall.

▼由各种材料拼凑成的名人墙,wall of fame, a patchwork of materials




The overall aesthetic is one of contrasts: rough cement and terrazzo surfaces meet materials and textures in bright splashes of color, capturing how the old is reinvigorated by the the new and the familiar flirts with the unexpected.


▼明亮的色彩表面与布满的凸显的材料以及纹理,materials and textures in bright splashes of color


设计公司 : KCA康希建筑设计咨询事务所
位置 : 希腊斯巴达
网址 :www.kcarchitecture.org
设计师 :Kostas Chatzigiannis (康希)
摄影师 : Nikos Vavdinoudis

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