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In general, finance companies value space privacy. The key to the project is to keep the space private while creating an open and sharing space contains variable and rich functions. Based on the theme of “openness,” we discussed the office design and solved three problems in a straightforward but interesting way: 1. the balance between public and private spaces 2. Integration and separation of different functions 3. the structure and variation of the spatial rhythm.

▼办公室空间概览,view of the office ©金伟琦©Jin Weiqi


打开的重要性|The Importance of “Opening”


Firstly, according to different functions, spaces are divided into the relatively private meeting rooms and the open working areas. With four moveable silkscreen printing glass walls, space can be freely converted based on different needs of openness and privacy. When the sliding wall is semi-opened, the glass wall is considered as screens. The quantity and position are adjustable to create various spaces according to the needs. When the sliding wall is completely closed, space is divided into multiple small private areas. When the sliding wall is completely opened, different areas are nested and merged into a free-flowing space.

▼开放的工作区,open working areas ©金伟琦©Jin Weiqi

▼推拉墙体,moveable silkscreen printing glass walls ©金伟琦©Jin Weiqi

▼工作区内部空间,interior space of working areas ©陈培新 ©Chen Peixin


“流动”的空间|A “Flowing” Space


The reception area is designed as a half-enclosed cube, which strengthening the safety and intimacy of a working area while keeping the function to host guests. The continuous cabinet penetrates through the multi-function room, the water bar, and the open working area, creating a deep and integrated space.

▼设置成方盒子的前台,reception area is designed as a half-enclosed cube ©金伟琦Reception©Jin Weiqi


“边界”与“融合”|“Boundary” and “Integration”


The open working area for both senior executives and all other employees is designed into a quiet and free space. Multi-function room contains various functions such as working, small conference, presentation and party. While sliding wall is open, it merges with the conference area to open more possibilities.

▼多功能室,multi-function room ©金伟琦Reception©Jin Weiqi

multi-function room connected or divided with meeting area through sliding walls ©金伟琦Reception©Jin Weiqi


“严谨”与“闲适”|“Rigor” and “Comfort”

 由于金融行业的属性,空间专业感必不可少。因此在洽谈区,在必要的舒适之外,着重呈现的是商务谈判的严谨与端正。作为内部员工与外部客户共同使用的 茶室,也是一个小型会议室。触感温和的木质材料,宜人的小尺度,营造出闲适的温暖与安静。独立办公室,简单的空间让人更易专注于工作。黑白灰的基调以及丰富的收纳空间既是对空间内容的归置,也是对形式上的规整。

Tearoom, a common space for both employees and clients, also serves as a small conference room. Tearoom presents itself as a cozy and serene space with its size of human scale and warm natural texture of wood. Professionalism is essential in the finance industry. Therefore, other than providing comfort, the precision and rigor of business is emphasized in the design for the negotiation area. Independent office is a minimalistic place where people can quickly focus on their work. The tone of black, white and grey, together with abundant storage units not only manages the spatial content but also the formal language.

▼黑白灰基调的内部空间,tone of black, white and grey ©金伟琦 Meeting room ©Jin Weiqi

▼采用木材的茶室与隔墙,tearoom in wood material with sliding walls ©陈培新 Cold and warm ©Chen Peixin

▼总经理独立办公室,independent office of the manager ©金伟琦 Meeting room ©Jin Weiqi


探索,未知的边界|Explore Unknown Boundaries


In this design, we try to balance between the openness and privacy, the visible and invisible, bright and dark. In the deep, boundless and flowing space created, we hope to open up more possibilities for future users.


▼推拉墙系统轴测,axonometric of the sliding wall system


▼aa剖面图,aa section

▼结构详图,structure detail

联系邮箱: atelier-jian@outlook.com
材料:1,丝网印刷玻璃 2,高强面层水泥自流平 3,氟碳喷涂钢板
Project name: Bestfen Office
Designed: Atelier Jian
Contact e-mail: atelier-jian@outlook.com
Design year: 2017
Completion Year:2018
Leader designer: Chen Peixin, Chen Zhen
Project location: Beijing, China
Gross Built Area : 450㎡
Photo credits: Jin Weiqi, Chen Peixin
Construction company: Hui linglong (Beijing) architectural decoration engineering co., LTD
Client: Bestfen
Materials: 1. Silkscreen printing glass 2. High-strength self-leveling cement 3. Fluorocarbon spraying steel sheet

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