Creative Imagination Space, Guangdong, China by BLACKhome

A new three-dimensional community for young people.

Project Specs


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独立建筑师“黑家”携手创意地产品牌“兆阳地产”倾力打造针对年轻人的全新立体社群 – 佛山兆阳O立方青年联合体。“创想空间”位于这座超高层建筑的顶层,也是青年联合体计划的重要组成部分。

Architecture studio “BLACKhome” and the creative real estate brand “ZHAOYANG Real Estate” created a new three-dimensional community for young people – Youth union type of FOSHAN O-Cube. The “Creative Imagination Space” is located on the top floor of this skyscraper and is an important part of the youth union program.

▼空间一览,view of the interior


Work & Life


The change of production methods and improvements of efficiency, With the involvement of high-speed networks, the boundaries between work and life have become increasingly blur. The “fragmented”  time requires that a single space not only has the flexibility of function, but also requires various living and working scenarios exist simultaneously.


▼前台后的休息区,通过格栅分隔,lounge behind the reception, defined by grate

▼休息区,彩色的座椅和挂画让空间更加轻松温暖,lounge with sofa and pictures in different colors, creating a warmer and more relax space


Private & Open


The increasingly mature high-speed network environment and the technology are redefining the “privacy” and “openness” . The physical “privacy” and the “openness” on the Internet have gradually become the new normality of young people. Life is like this, and work is even more.

▼开放的集会空间,open gathering space

▼公共空间与会议室以及夹层休息区保持视觉联系,visual connection between the public space and the meeting rooms, as well as the resting space on the mezzanine

▼会议室采用玻璃隔断,空间通透,glass partitions defining the meeting rooms while creating a transparent feeling

▼夹层公共休息区,public lounge on the mezzanine


Colorful & Colorless


“Efficiency” is always the core of organizing  work . How to show “efficiency” has become the key to creating various work scenes. “Colored Ribbon” is a visual embellishment in the “colorless” space and the guiding system that leads the visitor to reach the destination the fastest.

▼彩色灯管点缀空间,引导人们穿过过道,colorful tubes as visual embellishment in the space, leading people through the corridors

▼离交通核心越远的空间,彩色管道越少,the number of colored tubes reduces as they are running farther from the transportation core

▼彩色的楼梯,colored staircase


Rough & Smooth


The density of different materials creates a very distinct spatial atmosphere under the same light environment.



▼彩色管道布局,layout of the colored tubes


Project Name: “Creative Imagination Space”
Design: BLACKhome
Contact E-mail:
Design&Completion Year: 2017~2018
Leader Designer & Team: BLACKhome
Project Location: Foshan.China
Gross Built Area (square meters): 1450sqm
Photo Credits: Nantu

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