A space of fuzziness and distortion

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无形间SPACE PLUS是一家提供规格齐全、功能完备的门类系统、衣帽间和柜类系统、护墙情景系统,主打极简主义的未来感设计的企业。

SPACE PLUS is an enterprise that provides door system, cloakroom and cabinet system, wall protection scenario system with complete specifications and functions, and focuses on futuristic design of minimalism.


无形以边界模糊。当下 一切对立的事物都渐现融合的状态 ,所有真实和虚拟世界的边界都变得模糊。所以,在这样一个关于门的展厅里,我们首先要做的是将门消隐,将门和墙的边界感消除。顺应模糊和消隐的无形概念,用镜面膜去造设出一个扭曲的、不真实的、被消失的外部。以敲打后的镜面、阳光板的材料来丰富它的空间细部 。所有的材料使用是契合设计和空间的。

Invisible with blurred boundaries. At present, everything opposite is gradually merged, and the boundaries between real and virtual worlds become blurred. So in such an exhibition hall about the door what we should do above all is to eliminate door concealed, eliminate the boundary feeling of the door and wall. In accordance with the concept of fuzziness and obliteration, the mirror film is used to create a distorted and unreal exterior that has been disappeared. Knock the mirror after, the material of sunshine board will enrich its dimensional detail. All the materials are used in accordance with the design and space.

▼门和墙的边界感被消除,the boundary of the door and the wall is blurred and eliminated

▼阳光板和镜面材料被用于丰富空间细部,mirros and polycarbonate panels were used to enrich the detail of the exhibition space


Invisible to change. There is no boundary in the world. To regain freedom, we need to break the boundary of thinking. Change is the eternal truth. Change is an unstoppable act; Is the derivation of more possibilities and the freedom of consciousness; It is the rich perception and free control of space. So we changed the combination of intangible exhibits and space by presenting 18 doors in different forms in the space, presenting a changing intangible internal structure.

▼展品和空间进行组合变化,a combination of intangible exhibits and space

间以空隙是断裂 。断裂和缝隙给予了无限新生的可能 ; 我们以断裂、消隐的细部给予空间呼吸和更多可能。间以时间,是日月交迭轮转的岁月,是世间万象的载体。人生的每段时间都是独特的重复,我们以秩序的排列,变化来表达时间轴线的属性。

The gap between them is fracture. Cracks and crevices offer infinite possibilities for regeneration; We give space breathing and more possibilities with the details of breaking and disappearing. Between time, is the sun and the moon overlapping years, is the carrier of everything in the world. Each period of life is a unique repetition. We express the attributes of the time axis by the arrangement and change of order.

▼展厅细部,interior detailed view


Anything in space that has no relationship with people is not real and living. In short, we use space exhibits as the medium to create changing space, disappearing details, and different choices to guide different Spaces. With sermons and space atmosphere to give people to think and feel, in order to return to the word space to form a cycle and eternity.

▼模糊与扭曲的无形空间,a space of fuzziness and distortion


项目设计 & 完成年份 2018/11

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