BES pavilion by H&P Architects

Bamboo + Earth + Stone

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BES是一个专注于艺术和文化的开放社区服务空间,位于河静市中心。BES的名字源于竹、土、石的结合(Bamboo + Earth + Stone),由当地材料和传统的施工方法建造,其目的是汇聚当地的居民与用户。

BES pavilion is a service space for an open community, focusing on the aspects of art and culture. Located in the central Ha Tinh city, BES (Bamboo + Earth + Stone) is set up from local materials and traditional building methods which based on the idea of centralizing the users.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view © Tran Tuan Trung


▼立面图,elevation © H&P Architects

The cluster includes a various of separated spaces which were arranged freely around the center courtyard in order to create a numerous of views as well as the interaction of light and shadow. Those will help to erase the bound between inside and outside space.

▼建筑外观,exterior view © Tran Tuan Trung

▼入口路径,pathway © Tran Tuan Trung

▼内部庭院,inner courtyard © Tran Tuan Trung

▼公共休闲空间,community space © Tran Ngoc Phuong

▼从座椅望向庭院,view to the courtyard from the seating area © Tran Tuan Trung

▼细节,detailed view © Tran Tuan Trung

▼雨天的庭院,the garden in a rainy day © Tran Tuan Trung

▼灯光效果,the pavilion with lighting © Tran Tuan Trung


The building’s users will have a great chance to approach and to be educated from the functions and effects of the building toward the nature and local community. The best way to learn is to do it! Joining in the building process to create their own specific space is an effective practicing condition.

▼施工过程,under construction © H&P Architects


The solutions of the pavilion’s design themselves become some useful lesions: Aerodynamics (ventilation), Physics (light diffusion), Biology (photosynthesis, planting)…Those will help to direct the users’ behaviors in the future – for a greener living environment.

▼泥土外墙和竹屏,earth walls and bamboo screens © Tran Tuan Trung

▼材料和家具细部,material and furniture details © Tran Ngoc Phuong (left); Tran Tuan Trung (right)

▼竹屏细节,bamboo screen details © Tran Ngoc Phuong

▼屋顶和外墙细节,roof and earth wall © Tran Ngoc Phuong

▼夜景,night view © Tran Ngoc Phuong

▼夜间鸟瞰,aerial view by night © Tran Tuan Trung

▼模型,model © H&P Architects

▼总平面图,master plan © H&P Architects

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan © H&P Architects

▼立面图,elevation © H&P Architects

▼剖面图,section © H&P Architects

▼结构细部,detail © H&P Architects

Architects: H&P Architects
Location: Ha Tinh, Vietnam
Architect In Charge: Doan Thanh Ha & Tran Ngoc Phuong
Team: Chu Kim Thinh
Contractor: HPA Viet nam jsc
Total Floor Area: 123 sqm

Area: 18m x 13m
Completion date: Aug. 2013

Photographs: Tran Tuan Trung, Tran Ngoc Phuong

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