Berberè Milano Centrale by Rizoma Architetture

A dreamlike environment, an aquatic garden

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Matteo和Salvatore Aloe兄弟在米兰的第三家餐厅现已开业,Aloe兄弟是博洛尼亚手工披萨专营俱乐部的创始人,目前已在意大利共计开设了10家店面,伦敦开设了两家。

It opened in Milan, the third restaurant of the brothers Matteo and Salvatore Aloe, creators of the clubs from Bologna dedicated to the artisan pizza, that brings up to 10 the number of pizzerias opened in Italy, which can be added to the two in London.

▼餐厅主要空间概览,interior view of the restaurant

继位于Isola和Navigli的两家餐厅之后, Berberè品牌在米兰充满活力的市区商业中心开设了一家新餐厅,目的是更好地展示手工披萨品牌的扩张和彰显品牌被越来越多的美食评论家所认可,例如在Gambero Rosso的2019年意大利披萨指南(guide Le pizzerie d’Italia 2019)“Pizza a degustazione”一节中,得到了Tre Spicchi的认可。

After two restaurants in Isola and Navigli, Berberè expands also in Milano Centrale, in a dynamic block, active heart of the Milan business, in order to represent a further growth of the brand of artisan pizza, supported by the increasing recognition of the food critic, as for example the reconfirmation of the Tre Spicchi in the section “Pizza a degustazione” of the guide Le pizzerie d’Italia 2019 by Gambero Rosso.

▼主要就餐区,main dinning area

▼临窗就餐区,dinning area near the window


The new restaurant around the Central Station has got 120 covers in a completely renovated environment, where the original volumes are given value. The plaster has been removed to light up the rough bricks. The use of pop and lively colours, in contrast to the brick painted with white lime, also presents a long intense green stripe as boiserie. There is also the wall-painting, a characteristic of every restaurants of this sign.

▼设计去掉了内部的灰泥抹面,让粗糙的砖面更加突出,the plaster has been removed to light up the rough bricks

▼流行活泼的颜色与涂刷白色石灰的砖墙形成对比,呈现为一长条鲜明的护墙面,the use of pop and lively colours, in contrast to the brick painted with white lime, also presents a long intense green stripe as boiserie

▼通向后部用餐区的空间,space towards a dinning area at the back


For the third restaurant in Milan, they have started again the collaboration with the visual artists TO/LET, who had already created the works in different clubs in Bologna, Florence San Frediano and Turin, and in Milan draw a dreamlike environment, an aquatic garden in which are floating evocative amphibious creatures. The graphics of the club propose again the Berberè style, characterised by a vintage image with black and white pictures assembled, with the collage technique, on bight and vivid colours. The internal communication, the graphic and the brand identity have been curated by Comunicattive.

▼后部用餐区及墙面上两栖动物图案,dinning area at the back and amphibious creatures graphic


▼室内外立面,exterior and interior elevation

Place: Milan
Year: 2019
Client: Berberè
Status: Completed

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