ASPERA / ASTRA Flagship Store, Chongqing, China by BDD

A romantic space for “city escaper”

Project Specs


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CBD wasteland

渝中区 解放碑
Per aspera ad astra

Yuzhong District Jiefangbei
No shortage of luxury and fine hotels,
No shortage of classy restaurants,
Just an amazing escape experience is missing
Escape from the noise of the traffic,
Escape from the agenda day after day
Per aspera ad astra
Project story
For “City escaper”

video ©向蜀程-布道设计


15米挑高的玻璃盒子,极佳的视野和采光,一层客房,一层餐吧,几乎均等的体量,到底是酒店中的餐吧,还是餐吧中有酒店,孰轻孰重?无解。最终决定设立两个独立且相互关联的品牌,因此有了帆船酒店——ASPERA HOTEL & ASTRA星萃餐酒吧两个品牌,空间设计线索贯穿其中,有了浪漫的品牌故事:“循奇旅,达繁星”(Per aspera ad astra)。

overall view of the space ©石梓峰

In the bustling Jiefangbei business district, everyone is in the “CBD state”, rational and hurried, working hard on the assembly line. Under such environment, perhaps the most precious thing is to steal a moment of freedom and free ourselves. We take the weed and flying boat as the topic, the weed is disorderly but full of vitality, full of vigor. The flying boat, in the city center full of reinforced concrete, is released, is fantasy, is a dream.

With15 meters high glass box, excellent vision and lighting, we have rooms on the first floor, restaurant bar on the first floor, almost in equal volume, which can be said both the restaurant bar in the hotel, or the hotel in the restaurant bar, which one is more important? No answer. Finally we decide to set up two independent and related brands, thus we have two brands ASPERA HOTEL & ASTRA Star Dinner Bar, with spatial design clues throughout, and thus we have the romantic brand story ” Per aspera ad astra “.

space with different programs ©石梓峰


Set sail


location of the project ©布道设计

exploded axonometric ©布道设计

Hidden in the top of Tower A (25F) of The Imperial Capital Building, ASTRA Xingcui is an unique curved glass building in Yuzhong district, resembling a shipping sail, with innate mysterious temperament and romantic style. The entrance of the first floor of the building is very low-key, through the safety gate, take the elevator to the 24th floor, the sky light down through the spiral ladder hole, along the direction of the light, you can “board the ship”, and sail.

spiral staircase ©六文


Share together
Have a tea or wine   


Hiding in this place, time slows down obviously, from sunrise to sunset, and then to the lights of thousands of homes, a person alone, a group of people together, all can be generous and comfortable, there is wine, tea and coffee; good scenes and accents; There’s room for a douche bag, and there’s room for a real person.

restaurant and bar ©上:石梓峰,下:六文


宽坐 轻安
Nice time
Sit with quietness  


There are not many seats but with various postures. Round the bar, in the curtains, under the eaves, in the attic, sitting in rows or alone; Overlook city scene nearby the river and look up to see sky stars. Overlook the city skyline, with quietness in the heart, anywhere is good for sitting.

various seatings ©石梓峰

bar seating ©上:石梓峰,下:王英舟

seatings under the curtains ©石梓峰

separated tables ©石梓峰

sofa beside the window ©上:王英舟,下:六文

details of the furniture ©王英舟


Light and shadow


Chongqing’s sunshine is full of violent color, direct, with hot penetration, with the help of curtain wall with film insulation attached to avoid hotness, “sail” under soft light, curtain shade to keep out of sunshine, green plants to fade the heat, and punching plate filter on the hot…Multiple “filters” reshape the harmony between man and light.

soft sunlight shining into the space ©王英舟

perforated wall and shadows ©六文


Astra Elf

原创的Astra精灵,是“循奇旅,达繁星”(Per aspera ad astra)的使者,抽象奇趣的外形,采用黑陶土烧制,既有上古的厚重,也有科幻的神秘。相视,确认过眼神,便是对的人。

Original Astra Elf, the emissary of Per aspera ad astra, in abstract and quirky shape, fired from black terra cotta, with both ancient thickness feeling, but also sci-fi mystery. Look at each other, confirm the eyes, and fine the right person.

elves fired from black terra cotta ©上:如果视觉,下:石梓峰


Barren land


In the CBD business district, there is no lack of manicured lawns and hedges, orderly, rules and regulations under the law. Wild weed and wasteland are free, disorderly, released, won’t wild flowers and plants more interesting for you to take a wine and look?

dining area with wild weed ©石梓峰


幻音 魅影
The bar
The voice and phantom


Daylight fades, the night changes another makeup for the sailboat, melody accompanied by blurred lights, you can completely relax down…

Videos taken in the night ©王英舟


The brand

Per aspera ad astra的名字来源于拉丁语的一谚语,,——通过艰苦的旅途可以到达天际,即“循此奇旅,通达繁星”。ASTRA的中文名也是由此而来,群星荟萃之地。

The name Per aspera ad astra comes from the latin phrase — the journey to the sky is often arduous, which is “on this strange journey to the stars”, where is the Chinese name ASTRA, coming from, it’s also the land of stars.

logo wall and bar counter ©石梓峰


The menus

所有的品牌故事、环境营造最终都是BGM,饮品、菜品才是真正的硬通货,空着肚子打卡绝非待客之道,从几位投资人对待食物的态度来看,ASTRA注定是骨灰级吃货俱乐部。ASTRA 美食 实拍 定妆照,酒水配齐,草肉均沾,更多美味,等你发现。

In all brand stories, drinks and food are the real hard currency. Punching the clock with an empty stomach is not a good way for entertaining. Judging from the attitude of several investors towards food, ASTRA is destined to be a hardcore foodie club. ASTRA’s gourmet real photo shoot, complete drinks, balanced dishes, and more to find.

perforated panels in the night seem like starry sky ©王英舟




A unique penthouse property in Jiefangbei CBD business circle Imperial Capital tower, which was found when first visited to the project in 2019, we were touched by the project site, but cannot get, not easy to meet with such property conditions, which let people feel excited, ready to ride the wind and waves, however, thrilling and exciting far beyond expectations.

project located in the busy area of CBD ©赵彬


The epidemic has made the original tortuous pace more variable, and the project has ever been stalled or even cancelled. The situation improved slightly half a year later, and the investors restarted the project again. After five times adjusting business ideas and team restructuring, the project fell into confusion for several times. In the past two years, I have witnessed numerous investigations, research and communication by the operation team. With Chongqing as the origin, radiating to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu. Research and develop drinks, taste wine until  tongue gets numb; Develop food, test dishes to nausea; Once went to five bars in one night, discussing project ideas in a noisy atmosphere…

space perspective ©布道设计


The core of a good project is the master, whether he has the sense of work, whether he has the motivation to learn, whether he has the professional spirit, whether he has the tolerance, whether he can generate value resonance, whether he can be honest…Fortunately, BDD evangelism design can always meet the right person to create a project with full of surprises. As a design service provider, the biggest feedback is to be diligent and do everything possible to reach the ideal place together.

details of the furnishings ©石梓峰


设计最大的魅力在于经历预料之外的项目,结交素不相识的同行人,共同走一段路,同造一个梦,留下值得回顾一生的故事。感谢Aspera·hotel & Astra·星萃!感谢同行的朋友!

It is gratifying that the project finally overcame all difficulties and successfully opened. Despite the continuous impact brought by the epidemic fluctuations, we hold the faith in the preparation and have a promising future! We look forward to the continuous progress of the project operation and the realization of the initial blow together!

The greatest charm of design is to experience unexpected projects, make friends with strangers, walk a road together, create a dream together, and leave a story worth recalling the whole life. Thanks to Aspera• hotel & Astra• Xingcui! Thanks to the friends the same trade!


项目名称:ASPERA / ASTRA 旗舰店(解放碑旗舰店)
建筑面积:3000 ㎡
设计时间:10/2019 – 02/2020
建造时间:10/2020 – 05/2021

室内设计:刘聪  / 高敏  /  刘江玲 / 向岚 / 彭莹 / 卢泓佳
机电顾问:唐靖国 / 李鑫 / 徐瑞泉 | 南轲机电设计
效果图设计:沃克数字图像设计 / 揽意设计
项目摄影:偏方摄影 / 王英舟 (特别署名除外)
项目视频:向蜀程 | DD/ 王英舟
品牌支持:商宝照明/顶品家具/木之春家私/FINE ART / 中山银象灯饰/卓艺雕塑/宇宸金属/泓华玻璃/重庆一九八六家居布艺 / 西边亮楼梯/梵诺艺术装饰画/四川诚誉汇浩

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