Apartment For An Elderly Couple in Shaoxing, China by atelier he haibo

Using the column, normally seen as an obstruction, to organize the space

Project Specs


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The apartment is located in a typical Chinese housing development: a high-rise concrete frame with public utilities supplied.

▼厨房和生活空间一览,overview of the kitchen and the living space ©陈颢


There is a column in the apartment, with beams extending east to the shear wall separating the master bedroom and guestroom, south to the balcony that offers a grand view of Shaoxing city and its surrounding mountains.

▼从生活空间望向阳台,viewing to the balcony from the living space ©陈颢

▼从生活空间望向弧形隔墙,空间中央设有一根柱子,viewing to the curved wall from the living space, there is a column in the apartment ©陈颢

▼从生活空间望向弧形隔墙,以柱子为中心,梁伸展到公寓的各个方向,viewing to the curved wall from the living space, with the column as the center, beams extend to different directions ©陈颢

▼生活空间局部,partial interior view of the living space ©陈颢


The design intends to confront the existing concrete frame while create an everyday living space. The column, normally seen as an obstruction, is used to organize the space. A curved wall is placed around the column, separating the living space from other functional spaces. The shape of the wall was carefully tuned to incorporate and emphasize the existence of the frame, and create a new order.

▼从洗手间门处望向生活空间,viewing the living space from the bathroom door ©atelier he haibo

▼从客卧望向生活空间,viewing the living space from the guest room ©陈颢

▼从主卧望向生活空间,弧形墙面突出与现存框架产生联系,viewing the living space from the main bedroom, the curved wall incorporates and emphasizes the existence of the frame ©陈颢

▼公寓主卧,the main bedroom ©陈颢

▼公寓轴测图,the axon

▼公寓平面图,floor plan


Project name: apartment for an elderly couple in Shaoxing
Design: atelier he haibo
Design year: 2018.09
Completion Year: 2019.04
Leader designer & Team: atelier he haibo
Project location: Shaoxing, China
Gross Built Area (square meters): 85sqm(including balcony)
Photo credits: Chen Hao
Construction team: Yu ZhongYu, Xia QingYang, Yin Jianguo

More: atelier he haibo

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