Alysi Milan Boutique by Studiopepe

A sophisticated and super-feminine environment

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Alysi在米兰布雷拉区Ponte Vetero大街6号开设了一家精品店。该区域正迅速发展为米兰乃至国际的购物中心。由Studiopepe设计的门店位于一栋17世纪的建筑内,面积为130平方米。设计团队致力于将品牌的灵魂通过室内装修表达出来。精致而富有现代感的室内氛围搭配以半灰的自然色调,为商品的展示提供了适宜而不抢眼的背景。衣架和各种室内陈列共同凸显出现代女性的优雅审美。

Alysi opened its Milan boutique at Via Ponte Vetero 6 in the historic Brera district, which is increasingly central to shopping both in Milan and internationally. The 130-square-metre store, designed by Studiopepe, was created inside a building from the 1600s. Studiopepe, an interior design and creative consultancy, interpreted the soul of the brand in the store’s interior, creating a sophisticated and contemporary atmosphere with a palette of half-tones and natural tints, which enhance the reading of the collection without overwhelming it. A modern, feminine aesthetic creates a common thread connecting clothing and settings.



The study of shapes and materials takes concrete form in rich, custom-made surfaces like the floor – which reinterprets the Palladian classic with irregular, maxi-inserts in polychrome marble – along with glossy surfaces and sculptural elements in plaster and marble. The boutique is conceived as a sequence of spaces, each with an individual character and distinguished by combinations of materials and colours that accompany the client along a chromatic and perspective path.

▼过渡空间,transition space

▼以铜和石膏打造的装置展示墙,an innovative wall display in copper and gypsum showcasing the line of accessories


Divided over three rooms, the boutique develops as you move further in: an elegant display of suits fills the entrance, where the fresh, bright atmosphere invites you to explore the collection. A transition space gains force in its chromatic configuration and installations, connecting the first room to the second. Here, an innovative wall display in copper and gypsum takes centre stage, complementing Alysi’s looks and showcasing the line of accessories. Finally, the dressing room area was designed like a small lounge with a soft, poised atmosphere featuring carpets and fixtures that create an intimate environment.

▼服装展示区,display area

▼空间中设置了各类休息和交流的区域,various types of seating areas are arranged in the path of the space

Alysi品牌常务董事Federico Impiombato说:“在对产品和分销进行了数年研究之后,我们终于可以把关注点放在品牌本身。2015年我们在罗马的Borgognona大街开设了旗舰店,现在轮到米兰了。对我们而言,最重要的事情就是向公众传达我们的品牌理念和特征,这也是我们选择与Studiopepe合作的原因。他们能够清晰流畅地阐释出 Alysi的品牌基因,并为之打造一个精致且超级女性化的空间。”

‘After years of attention to the product and wholesale distribution, it’s time to put the focus on the brand, all energies are channelled towards activities aimed at brand growth, both in terms of strengthening the name and in terms of positioning. The natural path for achieving this goal is direct retail: after the opening of our Rome flagship store in Via Borgognona in 2015, now it’s Milan’s turn. The most important issue for us is to convey to the general public a perception of our brand that is entirely consistent with its character. This is why we chose to partner with Studiopepe. They were able to fluently interpret the Alysi DNA, creating a sophisticated and super-feminine environment within the new boutique in Via Ponte Vetero,’ stated Federico Impiombato, managing director. Therefore, the shopping experience in ALYSI’s first Milan boutique is carefully considered, down to the last detail, and the display space communicates every facet of the brand’s narrative.’

▼试衣间区域宛如一间舒适的小型客厅,the dressing room area was designed like a small lounge with a soft, poised atmosphere

▼楼梯间,stair well

▼悬吊在中庭的灯具,light installation

PHOTOGRAPHY: Silvia Rivoltella

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