Graffiti walls by Peeta

A dialogue between the real and imaginary world.

Project Specs


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▼高中,阿格罗波利,意大利,2017,Liceo, Agropoli, Italy, 2017

The Graffiti walls combine geometrical shapes as well as three dimensional to create a unique visual perception. Differ from the other graffitis, those expressive works created by the artist have a close relationship with the environments where they are located. The graffitis painted on the architecture redesigned the structure of the mass they relied on, that made the viewers as if living in a imaginary space. A good understanding of light and shadow, and the sensitive feeling to the surroundings contribute to these artworks. Thus within the paintings, the viewers would immediately guide by the artist and get lost in the imaginary world he built.

▼温哥华壁画节,温哥华,2017,Vancouver Mural Festival , Vancouver, 2017

▼坎波巴索,意大利,2016,Campobasso, draw the line, 2016

▼广州,2018,Guangzhou, 2018

▼圣彼得学院,泽西城,2017,Saint Peter’s University,  Jersey City, 2017

▼Almanac酒店,巴塞罗那,2017,Almanac Hotel, Barcelona, 2017

▼wallskar涂鸦艺术节,南县,中国,2018,wallskar festival, nanxian, china 2018

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