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由栋栖设计的Al’s Place位于上海K11的4层,为开放式餐饮空间。

An elegant boutique restaurant, situated on the 4th Floor of K11 in the heart of Shanghai, offers visitors an open dining area with a variety of spaces from spacious meeting zones to cosy dining corners.

▼空间全貌,interior view


AL’s Place, designed by dongqi Architects, creates a versatile space shaped through a spatial composition of 6mm thin steel structure, maintaining a consistent design vocabulary while scaffolding different seating variations from dining tables to high seating, and elegant bar areas.

▼在统一体系下的钢结构高低错落,A versatile space shaped through a spatial composition of 6mm thin steel structure


Last but not least, all areas are illuminated at varying levels by delicate light spheres, orchestrated through hanging at different heights from the same steel structure above, and becomes the highlight detail of the space.

▼高低错落的灯球,Light spheres hanging at different heights


Known for their meticulous attention to detailing, the architects ensured that all metal components are pre-fabricated, and are interconnected between one another through riveting, thus creating dialogue with the embedded elements on site.The architects gave careful thought and consideration to the selection of the structural component.

▼金属构件连接节点,全部使用铆接,All metal components are interconnected between one another through riveting



After a trial of different prototypes, an elegant curve was finally chosen to shape the atmosphere of the restaurant; this design language runs consistently through the entire space, from the lighting structure above to the refined footrest of the bar, forming a vertical mirroring between all elements.

▼顶部悬挂灯具的弧形构件,Lighting structure

▼底部的弧形吧台踏脚,Refined footrest


The bar as the central element is composed of a single piece of in-situ cast and polished terrazzo, connected to a bronze wire mesh. The curved structural element is attached vertically to the steel construction embedded in the stone, thus functioning as a multipurpose lightweight structure that stretches upwards to the top of the bar for display, storage, and lighting.

▼金属网,Bronze wire mesh

▼吧台上方轻盈纤细的结构,A multipurpose lightweight structure


Likewise, the high table is supported by an equally delicate structure, combined with the central lighting fixtures to create a wholesome aesthetic while again maintaining the consistency of the curve. Simultaneously, the curvature above the bar plays along to construct an arched opening; framing a welcoming entrance for the visitors while enhancing the efficiency of the dining area.

▼拱形空间引导客人进入,A welcoming entrance for the visitors



项目名称:AL’s Place
建筑面积:100 m2

Project Name: AL’s Place
Architect Firm: dongqi Architects
Project Team: JIANG Nan, Yiting Ma, Danna Yu, Tianqing Wang, Connie Zhao、Wenyi Han
Location: Shanghai, China
Completion: 2018
Area: around 100 m2
Photography: Raitt Liu

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