AKA CAFÉ in Chengdu, China by GE: Studio

The lamp strips create the boundary in a connective space

Project Specs


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Located at the entertainment city in Jintang, Chengdu, the cafe embraces a favorable location at the corner of the park. We hope to add new elements and to make innovations and revolutions through our design. The symmetrical and vertical composition of the cube changes by stretching inward or outward by increasing its height in the normal status. Further differences are made by colors, textures, and materials. Therefore, the facade consists of a translucent solar panel which contrasts with the surrounding gray buildings. The pure white and simple material serves as a marvelous carrier for the light.

▼咖啡厅外观,外立面选取半透光阳光板,exterior view, the facade consists of a translucent solar panel


▼咖啡厅外观轴测图和爆炸轴测图,the exterior axon and the exploded axon of the cafe

Pushing the main gate inward, there is a geometrical form as the dominant visual center. There is a smoking area with eaves matching well with the room, whose material is unified with that of the room and which becomes part of the space.

▼咖啡厅正门,正门内退用几何形态展开,形成一个带有屋檐的吸烟区,the main gate that is pushed inward to form a smoking area with eaves


A limit is formed by the hollow sheet strips and floor-lamp zones in the space. Different seats provide alternative space to people with different demands. Space is divided into pieces to ensure the privacy of each part on the basis of all-around connectivity.

▼咖啡厅室内一览,the overview of the interior cafe

▼咖啡厅室内,阳光板灯带与地面灯带给空间做了一个界限,interior space of the cafe, a limit is formed by the hollow sheet strips and floor-lamp zones in the space

▼咖啡厅室内,不同的座位为不同需求的人们提供了可选择的空间,interior space of the cafe, different seats provide alternative space to people with different demands

▼咖啡厅内窗边的吧台座位,the bar seats beside the window of the cafe

▼靠墙处的软垫座椅区,the seating area with cushions against the wall

▼室内空间局部,partial view of the interior space


The 1.3-meter-high bar and outdoor seats, which see the difference in height and links the public space to the bar, enhance their interactivity and preserves privacy both indoors and outdoors. Contrast color with dark green and pale pink is adopted in the restroom which is free of sexually-coldness of the cafe.

▼咖啡厅吧台,the bar in the cafe


Designer in Charge: GE : STUDIO
Location: Chengdu, Sichuan
Area:270 sqm
Project Year: 2019

More: GE: Studio (联系邮箱 | contact: lijia@cdgedesign.com)      更多关于他们:GE: Studio on gooood.

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