A Wonderland with Attics, China by Atelier D+Y

making full use of the existing sloping roof structure and transforming the roof into a space composed of three attics

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With the transformation of China’s policy on childbirth, families with two children have become more and more popular; as a result, more living space is demanded for the convenience of children’s playing and learning at home. To meet this need, this project makes full use of the existing sloping roof structure and transforms the roof into a space composed of three attics.

overview ©恩万


The design retains the central and northern areas of the original attic to form an independent top-level attic, suitable for sleeping, gaming, and reading according to different heights. On the whole, the circular entrance inlays this mysterious space into the frame, and the roof skylight reflects the blue sky into the attic. Meanwhile, the lower part on the south side of the original attic is segmented into two parts respectively for the children’s room and the master bedroom on the lower floor.

the dining area in the living space ©恩万

the living room ©西阳

the stairs leading to the private rooms ©恩万

the staircase © 西阳


The children’s room on the second floor is thus expanded vertically in space and is embedded in a brand-new wooden loft, which blends the bedroom and wardrobe with stairs and window holes. It is not only a large furniture but also a room of games.

the children’s room on the second floor ©恩万

integrating the furnitures in a room of games ©西阳

the attic for children ©恩万

the children’s bed © 西阳

the attic on the third floor © 西阳

space under the sloping roof © 西阳

a space for playing ©恩万


Besides, the other part of the attic, after segmented into the master bedroom, also has an open cloakroom that is integrated with the wardrobe and TV wall on the lower level. In this way, the existing skylight brings in light against the red clay, creating a quiet and restrained temperament as a whole. All in all, both children and adults can enjoy themselves in such three attics, deriving from the existing sloping roof structure.

the master bedroom © 西阳

attic in the master bedroom © 西阳


The shared living room on the ground floor functions as their meeting point. One side of the open lobby serves as the children’s play area with the other for rest and TV watching. The wood-colored structure placed in the dining hall in the middle becomes the visual center, enabling the architectural sense, after wrapping the kitchen, to continue the theme of “attic” home. The attics in the house, the embedded structure and the connected space, all create a “wonderland” with attics specific for a family with two children.

original structure © 大海小燕设计工作室

plan © 大海小燕设计工作室

section © 大海小燕设计工作室

section of children’s room © 大海小燕设计工作室

项目设计 & 完成年份:2020年

Project name: A Wonderland with Attics
Design: Atelier D+Y
Website: www.atelier-dy.com
Contact e-mail: public@atelier-dy.com
Design year & Completion Year: 2020
Leader designer & Team: Guo Donghai, Yan Linglin
Gross Built Area: 220m2
Photo credits: Envaner,Xiyang
Brands/Products used in the project: ZESTMAN-Floor、Daikin-air conditioner、Goldea-cabinet、WICONA-window、minimore-furiture

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更多关于他们:Atelier D+Y on gooood


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