“A Space with Light” by PUJU Design

Unpretentious simplicity

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“磨难尽收获 /山云做幕攀岩观火/ 请引吭高歌/面迎海风/在世界之外/在时间之内/心中有光/无问西东。”——彭青
“The experience of hardship has given me a better understanding of the world. Against the breezes from the sea, I will sing to the loudest of my voice. As long as there’s light in my heart, I will travel within the space of time, and it matters not to go west or east.” -Peng Qing


本真居住的地方 | A Residence of Simplicity


A former factory dormitory, this building was constructed in the 1990s, located in Xuhui District, Shanghai. At the end of 2017, PUJU Design chose to set up a new office here. In order to speak for the space with design language, we looked up the Chinese characters of “PU” and “JU” in the dictionary. PU refers to the unprocessed wood, analogous to unpretentious simplicity, and JU means residence. Should PUJU mean “a residence of simplicity”?



人生本矛盾 | The Contradictory Life


In great architectural designs, the pursuit of things’ beginning persists, inspiring us to align the voice of space with its structure with basic geometry. Therefore, the motif of opposition is expressed through the combination of circles and triangular ceilings.

▼设计用基本的几何形体来梳理空间的结构与表达,the design aligns the voice of space with its structure with basic geometry



既然防水做不好,那就打破吧 | We Take away the Waterproof


The unsatisfactory exterior waterproofing forces the architect to bare the red bricks indoors. This necessity has led to a new surprise: the redness of the brick’s surface takes on different hues on rainy and sunny days, creating a subtle connection between nature, space and people.

▼砖表面的颜色在雨天和晴天呈现出不一样的红,the redness of the brick’s surface takes on different hues on rainy and sunny days


晨早的光影 | Light and Shadow at Dusk


As the sun rises, light would shine through the window facing east, bringing in the shadow of bamboo leaves as well as the crisp morning air. The shadow moves with the passage of time, from the floor to the wall and to the ceiling, signaling the time dying away in front of your eyes.

▼竹影打在地面,the shadow of bamboo


旋转门里的童年记忆 | Childhood Memories in the Revolving Door


The childhood is short and hurried, but it takes a lifetime to remember it.


色与光 | Color and Light


The Paulsmith color and artificial light jointly documents the softness of women.



此间有光 | A Space with Light


Louisl.Kahn equals the dissemination of light as the brotherhood of desire and existence. Whether the light is artificial or natural, they are both dancing flames, burning themselves to become the embodiment of things.

▼光线透过不同的缝隙,light permeates through different gaps and voids


▼公共走道区域,public corridor



空间里的故事 | Stories in Space

▼“木头人”演绎着的悲欢离合,“Wood men” stage the joy and sorrow of life.


空间的不止一面 | A Multi-Functional Space


The space can be used extensively, not only as an office, but also a place to work out, to host seminars, speeches, exhibitions, etc.

▼多功能空间,a multi-functional office







参与设计师:李婷婷 周敏
Project Name: A Space with Light | PUJU Design
Location: Xuhui District, Shanghai
Area: 180 ㎡
Leading Designer: Yao Qian
Participating Designer: Li Tingting, Zhou Min
Construction:Yin zhi hua
Visual Designer: Zhu Bo
Duration: October, 2017-January, 2018
Photographer: Pu, Li Sai, Liu You’an
Construction: Mubo Decoration
Copywriter: Xiao Pu
Translator: Ellen
EL: pujudesign@126.com

More: 朴居空间设计事务所。联系设计师:pujudesign@126.com。更多关于他们,请至:PUJU Design on gooood

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