Ureddplassen by Haugen / Zohar Arkitekter AS

A new architectural landmark in Norway.

Project Specs


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Ureddplassen is beautifully situated between steep mountains and the open sea, and offers an extensive view, northern lights and midnight sun for those who are eager to see. In this area, a memorial to the Norwegian submarine Uredd (“Fearless”) was unveiled by King Olav V on 18 June 1987. The submarine hit a German mine in Fugløyfjorden and sank while on a mission along the Norwegian coast in February 1943. All 42 on board lost their lives. The boat was found southeast of Fugløyvær at 105 metres depth in 1985. In March the following year, the wreck was declared a war grave.

▼绝佳观景地,place with an extensive view  ©Steinar Skaar


In the course of 2017, the rest area has been given a much-needed makeover and become a landmark along the country road Fv17. The memorial has been given a new base, and the toilet building in concrete and glass casts an ambient light into the evening darkness. The viewing terrace in front of the car park is equipped with elegant seating benches in marble from Fauske, seamlessly transforming into an amphitheatre down towards a pristine beach area. When the weather is fine, you can see all the way to Lofoten.

▼混凝土公共洗手间,the concrete toilet ©Lars Grimsby

▼透光洗手间点亮周围环境,glass casts an ambient light into the evening darkness ©Lars Grimsby

▼观景台阶,the viewing terrace ©Lars Grimsby

▼大理石座椅,the marble seats  © Steinar Skaar

▼更换了底座的纪念碑,the memorial has been given a new base ©Steinar Skaar


The new Ureddplassen is an example of the many Scenic route stops where the sum total of the unique scenery, innovative architecture, exciting stories and easy access to the landscape provides travellers with great experiences. Such places inspire architects, engineers and contractors to design and implement the best solutions.

▼雪景,winter snow  ©Steinar Skaar

Architect: Haugen / Zohar Arkitekter AS
Landscape architect: Landskapsfabrikken – Inge Dahlman
Owner: Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Scenic Routes Section
Contact: Per Ritzler, NPRA Scenic Routes per.ritzler@vegvesen.no Phone 00 47 colu91 10 44 80

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