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原1305 STUDIO办公室所在地拆迁,我们找到了现在位于上海市长宁区中山公园附近的这个地方,当我们拿到原始建筑图纸时,图纸上标示着这里原来是一个车库。在新办公室设计之初,我们便决定继续使用原办公室装修时定制的家具和材料,所以新的办公室并没有投入太多金钱,大部分家具和材料都是沿用了旧办公室的,所以看起来似曾相识,一样的东西,只是换了一个空间,也可以变的大不一样。


The former office of 1305 STUDIO will be pulled down and we found this site near the Zhongshan Park in the Changning District of Shanghai. The site was marked as a garage in the original architectural drawing. We have decided to keep the furniture and materials that were used to decorate the former office when designing the new office. Therefore, there is not much invested in the new office. Most of the furniture and decorative materials are from the former office, which makes the new office much resembles like the former one. Same stuff, different space. Everything can be totally different.


▼新工作室使用了原办公室装修时定制的家具和材料,the design keeps the furniture and materials that were used to decorate the former office

▼裸露的砖墙结构,brick wall structure exposed


北院 | North yard


The north wall was self-enclosed before. We found out an abandoned bamboo forest outside the wall when exploring the surroundings. This place was full of garbage because it is a corner pocket in this area. A lot of wild cats showed up here frequently. We decided to pull down this wall, clear all the garbage and straighten up the bamboo forest, and finally create such a scene with better lighting in the office and a yard in the north. We cleared all the garbage and finally create such a scene. The bamboo forest and the office are in perfect harmony.

▼朝北的院子增加了室内空间的采光,the north yard creates a scene with better lighting in the office


▼不同视角下的室内办公区域,perspectives of seating areas



西院 | West yard


The west yard was roofed by glass and became a part of indoor space. The first thing we did after renting this site was to remove the glass roof and make a pool, creating the open space and better indoor lighting.

▼西侧的院子新挖了水池,a pool was created in the west yard



书架 | Bookshelves


Bookshelves in the former office were moved here. The bookshelves in different shapes are of the same height and length, with the width being either 30 cm or 15 cm. The combination effect can be various. They can be placed anywhere in the space, which changes according to the different combination. Such bookshelves can be moved to the new space easily, with environmentally-protection and practical features.

▼旧办公室的书架被沿用至新办公室,bookshelves in the former office were moved to the new one

▼书架通过组合可以演变出很多组合效果,the combination of bookshelves can be various



▼透过玻璃从室外望向书架,bookshelves seen from the glazed wall


玻璃展示架 | Glass showcase


The glass showcase was also moved from the former office, which is the abandoned cutoff from a glass factory. We combine the wasted pieces together with a piece of hardware and make them recyclable. The showcase is easy to be taken apart and combined.

▼展示柜细部,showcase detail

▼设计师利用五金件把玻璃展示柜组合起来,the glass showcase was jointed with hardware pieces



植物 | Plants


Mud and wild plants in the yard are from the nearby construction site that was pulled down. The trees are picked up from the neighboring residential quarters when trees inside the quarters were pruned. With wasted plants, such a scene comes into being.

▼院子里的泥土和野草来自于隔壁拆迁的工地,mud and wild plants in the yard are from the nearby construction site that was pulled down


The worms may accidentally carve out of beautiful patterns on the trunks of trees after long carving. Likewise, one might see unexpected achievements as long as he or she keeps the perseverant mind. Inside every verdant bamboo we find the Dharmakaya. Among booming flowers live the highest wisdom. Wasted plants picked up by us create the scene in front of us for enjoying or taking pictures. There are more wide plants and wasted stones outside the wall neglected or even abandoned by people, just like this garage. It might still be a garage if we were not lucky enough to find it.

▼室外庭院细部,outdoor yard detail

▼竹林和室内,有了恍惚中的和谐,the bamboo forest and the office are in perfect harmony


▼北院轴测图,north yard axon

▼西院透视图,west yard perspective

▼书架组合示意,bookshelf combination diagram



Project name: Make a difference
Architect’s Firm:1305 STUDIO
Contact e-mail:
Project location: Room 101-102,#98 Lane 476 Changning Road, Shanghai, China
Completion Year: 2018
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot):
Lead Architects: Shen Qiang
Photo credits: Shen-photo
Photographer’s website:

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