A Bite of Pasture, China by Zhang Kaifeng Architects

Autumn grass grows on the street every year, and the sun sets in the building every day

Project Specs


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The beauty of time is precisely because it never stops passing away. The process of waiting is often to experience the passing of time
Because of waiting
Let me learn to appreciate the afterglow of the sunset, the starlight at night, the brilliance of the dawn and your melancholy

▼餐厅外观,exterior view ©筑像摄影 邓俊涛

▼望向用餐区,view to the dining area ©筑像摄影 邓俊涛

​ ​​​ ​

泥土的芬芳 | The fragrance of soil


With a strong earthy smell, the vision of entering here has been attracted by this simple and familiar taste. A little light shines on the mottled wall, like a herdsman’s yurt. The design of the stepped structure is separated from one wall to another, and the sun looks out through the small window.

▼入口,entrance ©筑像摄影 邓俊涛

▼景观小品,landscape elements ©筑像摄影 邓俊涛


克制 | Restraint


The restraint of design technique is the expression of inner emotion, implicit and powerful.

▼用餐区一览,general view of the dining area ©筑像摄影 邓俊涛

▼克制的内部设计,restrained interior design ©筑像摄影 邓俊涛

▼望向调料区,view to the condiment bar ©筑像摄影 邓俊涛


牧草的飘扬 | The flutter of grass


The grass on the pasture flutters with the wind, and with the melodious melody of the herdsmen, a touch of green is particularly refreshing in the space. Moss and rocks grew at the root of the wall. When I looked down, I inadvertently saw the impression left by this time.

▼空间中的一抹绿意,a touch of green in the space ©筑像摄影 邓俊涛


内敛 | Introverted


Personality is no longer publicized, the waiting time is always so long, and the way of expression is also slowly precipitated with time.

▼收银台,cashier ©筑像摄影 邓俊涛

▼用餐区一瞥,a glance to the dining area ©筑像摄影 邓俊涛

▼材质与灯光营造出内敛氛围 ©筑像摄影 邓俊涛
the materials and lighting create a introverted atmosphere


歌声里回荡 | The song echoed


The felt clothes on the herdsmen, the long whip raised, and the straw and wooden beams emit a faint smell of grass everywhere. With the song, they spread wantonly in the space. The details can always be remembered.

▼空间细节,details ©筑像摄影 邓俊涛


飞扬 | Flying


Maybe until that day, our hearts are flying, running and facing the future, we can still be brave and crazy. At sunset, we ride a horse to wander on the pasture. Looking back at the rush of time, we all live up to our expectations.

▼陈设细节,decoration details ©筑像摄影 邓俊涛


舌尖上流浪 | Wandering on the tip of the tongue


Gulu Gulu, with the tip of the tongue sharing the food of comfort and spirit, recalled and imagined in a burst of meat fragrance. It turned out that all these are our prospects and what we look like in my heart.

▼模型,model ©筑像摄影 邓俊涛

项目地址:中国 成都
项目面积:240 m²
VI 设计:张镜天
项目摄影:筑像摄影 邓俊涛

Project Name: A Bite of Pasture
Project Address: China Chengdu
Project Area: 240 m²
Completion Time:2021.11
Design Style: Wabi-Sabi
Case Design: Zhang Kaifeng、Li Yuguang
Project Director:Gou Qingsong
Participate Design: He Chao、Wang Wei
VI Design:Zhang Jingtian
Project Photography: Arch Image Deng Juntao
Project Writing: Zhang Kaifeng

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