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Explore the relationship between old buildings and lights.

Project Specs


非常感谢临界工作室予gooood分享以下内容。更多关于它们 :reMIXstudio on gooood
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借力北京设计周,北京著名历史老区域大栅栏发生着积极地改变。gooood的朋友陈忱给我们分享了她领导的reMIX Studio在2013年北京设计周中排子38号作品。该作品探索老建筑和灯光的关系。此外这里也是2013年北京设计周大栅栏展区的开幕闭幕晚宴的空间,经费(5000元造价)和时间(7天)的限制都极其紧,reMIX Studio在这样的极端限制下成功创造出一个够震撼够张力的空间。

排子38号,这一正在经历演变的老建筑空间,在北京设计周后即将成为The Orchid四合院设计酒店。



Client: Orchid
Curator: reMIX Studio

This space will become after the Beijing Design Week a new boutique hotel that will be grafted into the existing building through precise insertions and punctual modifications.

These considerations are the premises and the constrictions of the temporary installation we are exhibiting today. Starting from the structural survey and the analysis of the actual spaces that in succession form an extended horizontal layered system – an unique feature for a building typology such as this one especially in this area of Beijing – we propose a new connective path that reveals the existing building secrets and tunnelingthroughout the architectural body it highlights in few observations points the quality and characteristics of the future intervention.

The system of new portals is a succession of points of view that, passing in the position where the new hotel circulation will be placed, forces the visitors into an unexpected journey; challenging his imagination and forcing him to redefine the  meaning of “exploration”.

The path ends in the main room where a series of photographs taken from the Orchid hotel construction will show the quality of the future refurbishment. The tunnel, branching in a three lines lighting feature marks visually the areas of the main space where the opening dinner of the Beijing Design Week will take place.



MORE:  reMIX Studio,更多关于它们 :reMIXstudio on gooood

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