Tension Band Bridge / ANNABAU

Gently over the pool.

Project Specs


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The design for the Tension Band Bridge was a cooperative competition entry between Berlin-based firm for architecture and landscape ANNABAU and Schüßler-Plan structural engineers for the „Landesgartenschau Tirschenreuth 2013“ (Garden Festival Tirschenreuth 2013), and was selected for implementation. The sculptural bridge is destined for pedestrians and cyclists and spans its 85 meter length over the city pond.





Urban situation

The new bridge connects the centre of the old town of Tirschenreuth via the „Schels Areal“ with the former island monastry „Fischhofinsel“, the new quarter “Lohnsitz“ and the adjacent area for leisure and sports.



The exposed wooden body of the bridge is closely connected to the historical meaning of wood in the city of Tirschenreuth, evident in the city`s name. Additionally, it refers to the local architecture, where untreated wood is often found in vernacular construction.

A minimal substructure built from steel tension bands lying on three, small concrete bases, reveals its wooden sculptural body and demonstrates its contextual sensitivity.




Comments from the jury:

“The proposed bridge shows very high quality of design. Appearance, materials and detail design will be handled competently and engagingly in an exciting dialogue with the stone bridge at Fischhof. Also sensitive and of great value is the proposal to the overflow weir with a wooden water pipe organ. … The bridge displays visual simplicity, and simplicity of design alongside a technical specialty that will make it an attraction in itself“





Location: Tirschenreuth, BAVARIA, GERMANY
Length: 85m
Competition winning entry: 2009
Completion: May 2013 
Planning stages: LP 2-8
Client: Stadt Tirschenreuth
Construction costs: €780,000

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