Red Bird Maker Space, HKUST(GZ) by reMIXstudio

The core of a new multi-disciplinary approach to engineering education

Urban Breathing, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China by reMIX studio

The installation with a focus on the city carbon cycle

10 outstanding Chinese female architects and their representative works

Architectural power of women

Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology Campus Design (competition winner) by reMIX Studio + CABR + WADI

An innovative campus that will train future industry leaders

The Overlapped Campus: Lianhua Primary School, China by reMIX Studio

High density vertical zoning campus

Together Apart – 2020 Suzhou International Design Week Pavilion, China by reMIX studio

Experience the urban space through a different lens

co(al)-yard, China by reMIXstudio

Creating an interesting rhythm of compressions and decompressions by using “boxes” and “negative volumes”

Re-fracted, China by reMIXstudio

Office and residential space integrated within a limited footprint of 200 sqm

Under 35 – Chen Chen

Break the boundary of disciplines to create a holistic space of landscape, architecture and interior.

W(an)W(an)S(hu) , China by reMIX Studio

An intervention that connects and mediates the presence of two existing volumes