Swimming Polar Bear / Nahoko Kojima

from carp and waves to the pattern of light reflecting on water running from the nape to the tail

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自上次给goood分享作品Cloud Leopard 云豹没多久,现居伦敦的日本女性艺术家Nahoko Kojima再给gooood介绍了她的最新北极熊剪纸。Nahoko Kojima用整张和纸雕出一只3*3米等真大小的北极熊,用悬挂的方式让纸雕立体。这个新作品是一只游泳的白极熊,有着行云流水般的线条,白色的造型在空气中像是发着亮。遇风而轻荡,阴影如水纹。很受欢迎。

Contemporary Japanese Paper Cut artist, Nahoko Kojima builds on the success of her recent Cloud Leopard (Collect 2012 at Saatchi Gallery, London, UK) to create her most ambitious work yet, a swimming  life-sized Polar Bear, for Jerwood Makers Open 2013. The artist finds inspiration in Nature, the Seasons, Motion, and Change. The Polar Bear has a stark presence in Jerwood Space, suspended from almost invisible threads in a manner that makes the animal feel like it is defying gravity. Like all of Kojima’s works there is a narrative  that runs throughout the body of the animal, from carp and waves to the pattern  of light reflecting on water running  from the nape to the tail.


The light casting shadows on the plinth below is a joy in itself, cleanly depicting the fractals of water on the white base, undulating as the paper sways from a gentle breeze. Looking head on into the piece feels as though you are looking from underwater up to the surface. Natural light floods into the space from above and as the time of day changes so too do the shadows underneath and the mass of the piece itself. The Sculpture took seven months to create and almost 15 hours to hang.

Jerwood Makers Open runs until 25 August after which the piece tours nationally.





“I did lots of sketches and research about how they live and behave ..thought very carefully about the paper to use for the Piece and chose a white Washi which has low kouzo. This makes the the paper go yellow after being in the sun for a long time. This was perfect because the Polar Bearʼs coat also goes through a similar change.”

“I want people to enjoy looking at this piece, thatʼs it.”





MORE:  Solo & Kojima,更多请至:Solo & Kojima on gooood 

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