20 Doorways by JAEMEE STUDIO

As you walk into the garden, gallery of doors with paradise awaits your selection.

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每年,法国卢瓦尔河畔修蒙国际花园节都会邀请来自世界各地的设计师建造不同主题的花园。Jaemee Studio的作品“20道门”(20 Doorways)被选择作为2019年“天堂花园”的一部分进行建造。

Each year, international garden festival at Chaumont-sur-loire invites designers around the world to build garden under different themes. Jaemee studio’s 20 doorways was selected to be built part of 2019 edition, “Jardins de paradis”

▼20道门花园,20 doorways garden  ©Jaemee Studio


Paradise often refers to heaven, place of exceptional happiness and delight. They are places without one’s direct encounter, but rather results of one’s fantasy and imagination. As a conception of imaginary minds, it could be thousands of different places according to individuals. It could be blue ocean, endless prairie filed, field of fully bloomed flowers, garden of Eden, or even mysterious spaces like galaxy. Anyplace one can imagine.

▼任何你能想象的样子,anyplace one can imagine  ©Jaemee Studio


▼花园示意图,garden illustration  ©Jaemee Studio

We interpreted paradise as collection of unreal and fantastic landscapes one can possibly imagine. We used “Door” as a method (or tool) to introduce people to sneak a glance at multiple paradises at once. “20 Doorways” is a garden composed of doors that are laid on the ground in a grid. Exposure to what is behind individual doors vary as some of them are closed while others are fully or partially opened.

▼被放置在地面上的门,doors that are laid on the ground  ©Jaemee Studio

▼景观细部,garden details  ©Jaemee Studio

游客会看到一系列摆放在一起的花园。植物和一些人造景观混搭,将常见的材料以非传统的方式呈现,创造出令人意想不到的天堂景观。与勒内·马格利特的画作中所呈现出的“everyday objects shriek aloud”的想法类似,“20道门”旨在使用多种多样常见的景观,创造出的意料之外的组合空间。

Visitors encounter a collection of adjacently placed landscape of paradise. Mixture of living plants and artificial materials create unexpected scenery of paradise by juxtaposition of familiar and common materials in unconventional way. Similar to how Rene Magritte made ‘everyday objects shriek aloud’ in his paintings, “20 Doorways” aims to create unexpected space that are composed of different yet familiar landscapes in coexistence.

▼植物和人造材料结合,a combination of planting and artificial materials  ©Jaemee Studio


Planting selections are simple yet colorful which can be bloom throughout whole garden festival season. From fern such as Osmunda regalis, and perennial grass like Prairie Dropseed to small flowering tree, Cercis canadensis enliven each paradise with various color in elevation. Artificial materials such as mirror-like surface reflecting the sky and photo printed galaxy add surrealistic atmosphere.

▼植物选择,planting selection  ©Jaemee Studio



Door often symbolizes passage or transition between spaces. Standing in front of doors, one becomes curious about encounter with new space. The intention of “20 doors” garden is not to mimic and define what paradise is, but to arise curiosity and question ourselves what it could be. Is it a place filled with endless garish plantings, or are those more like up in the air as you are floating with clouds?

As you walk into the garden, gallery of doors with paradise awaits your selection. Which door would you open ?

▼彩色缤纷的门,colorful doors  ©Jaemee Studio

▼概念示意图,concept illustration  ©Jaemee Studio

▼轴测图,axonometric illustration  ©Jaemee Studio


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