1402 Coffee Shop in Aranya, China by B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio

A cafe box that arouses the curiosity of guests to explore in the space

Project Specs


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Situated on the main road to the coast near the west gate of Aranya community, the 1402 project is a coffee shop built into an existing red brick architecture with sloping roof. The architectural concept behind the renovation embraces the juxtaposition of the old and the new. The renovation includes two parts: the interior space and outdoor seating space.

▼项目概览,general view © 夏至

▼鸟瞰,aerial view © 夏至

▼场地鸟瞰,site aerial view © 夏至


The new glass facade features fully-operable folding doors and windows facing both the square and the outdoor cafe area, and increases interaction between the interior and the exterior. The core zone of the box is divided into semi-private seating and spaces with different scales. The spatial strategy promises comfortable sense of scale for guests from those who want to be alone to a couple of close friends.

▼面向广场一侧的电动折叠门,the fully-operable folding doors facing the square © 夏至

▼折叠门细节,folding door detailed view © 夏至

▼盒子客座区,seating area in “box” © 夏至


▼设计示意,concept © B.L.U.E.建筑设计事务所

▼内部盒子轴测图,Inserted box axonometric © B.L.U.E.建筑设计事务所

Within the interior space, we insert a new volume into the existing building. The rectangular box forms a new cafe experience that integrates the functional needs of seating, waiting area, pour over bar, display and landscape, while dividing the open space to offer guests a variety of spatial experience. The pigmented Dagu cement box extends to the street-facing facade of the red brick building, which defines a new visual focus for the originally dull facade, arousing the curiosity of guests to explore in the space.

▼一个新的咖啡体验“盒子”插入到原有建筑之中,a new volume has been inserted into the existing building © 夏至

▼盒子结合座位空间,the integrated seats © 夏至

▼从座位望向手冲吧台,view towards the coffee counter from the seating area © 夏至

▼带有植物的天井,the patio with greenery © 夏至

▼座位细节,detailed view © 夏至


Different from common cafe’s integrated form of pour over bar and espresso bar, we put an independent pour over bar in the center of the earth-like cement box. Guests can enjoy pour over coffee at the quiet pour over bar space or communicate with barista.

▼手冲吧台位于茶色水泥“盒子”的中心,the bar counter is located in the center of the earth-like cement box © 夏至

▼吧台旁边的座位,seating area next to the bar counter © 夏至


▼外摆区轴测图,exterior axonometric © B.L.U.E.建筑设计事务所

▼外摆区顶视图,exterior top view © 夏至

The cross-shaped outdoor platform helps maintain a visual continuity between indoor and outdoor, meanwhile dividing the outdoor seating into four areas. The fixed furniture of the exterior is made of the same pigmented Dagu cement with the interior cafe box, which strengthens the integrity and continuity of the interior and exterior. We strategically arrange outdoor partition walls with different heights, seating, tables and bar tables to create a sense of spatial enclosure and dynamic layering of space. In addition, the light grey exposed aggregate concrete for the exterior floors presents a soft and natural atmosphere of outdoor courtyard.

▼外摆区家具选用与室内相同的茶色水泥,the fixed furniture of the exterior is made of the same pigmented Dagu cement with the interior cafe box © 夏至

▼室外家具细节,outdoor furniture details © 夏至

▼水洗石地面增添了庭院的感觉,the aggregate concrete for the exterior floors presents an atmosphere of outdoor courtyard © 夏至

▼建筑夜间外观,exterior view by night © 夏至

▼从外摆区望向建筑,view towards the main building © 夏至

▼室外通道,outdoor passage © 夏至

▼夜间鸟瞰,aerial view by night © 夏至

▼夜间整体视角,general view by night © 夏至

▼轴测图,axonometric © B.L.U.E.建筑设计事务所

▼平面图,plan © B.L.U.E.建筑设计事务所

项目所在地:秦皇岛市昌黎县 阿那亚
建筑师:青山周平,藤井洋子,李嘉习 / B.L.U.E.建筑设计事务所
外摆区面积 :250㎡
设计周期:10.2020 – 12.2020
施工周期:01.2021 – 04.2021

Project Name: 1402 Coffee Shop in Aranya
Project Location: Changli, Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province, China
Architect: Shuhei Aoyama, Yoko fujii, Jiaxi Li
Client: 1402 Coffee
Construction Contractor: Beijing Dagu
Size: Single Floor
Site Area: 344 ㎡
Building Area: 94 ㎡ (Outdoor Area 250 ㎡)
Design Period: 10.2020 – 12.2020
Construction Period: 01.2021 – 04.2021
Materials: Dagu Cement, exposed aggregate concrete, stainless steel, solid oak
Photography Credit: Zhi Xia

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